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Amazon SEO and Alexa Voice Search

amazon seo
04 Apr 2018

Many agencies today understand the importance of SEO for business but what is often overlooked is Amazon SEO. Does your company sell a product? If so, here’s a fun fact for you, “almost a third of shoppers started on Amazon and just 13% on a search engine.” This came from an article on Amazon SEO ranking factors. In this article, it was also stated that Amazon has seen 73% growth in searches over the past year while Google Shopping has been flat. As an agency, we realize that Google isn’t the only player that requires attention in the SEO world. Depending on your business, Amazon may be another avenue to consider. That said we have a few Amazon organic ranking factors of our own to consider.

SEO with Amazon Filter Fields

Let’s start with one of our key understandings of Amazon organic rankings. We are talking about filter fields here. One thing we know is that where Google determines rankings based on content, website authority and usability for the searchers, Amazon focuses search results based on conversions. This is because Google makes money off ads while Amazon makes a commission off the sale. Better selling products tend to find their listings towards the beginning of the search results. You might ask how do we get to that point? Title tags are important but what really holds the most weight are filter fields. Filter fields tell Amazon search what your product is. The more fields you can use to describe a product the better. An example of a filter might be color. For example, anyone searching for “blue t-shirts” will have a better chance of finding your product with the blue color field selected.

Amazon Consumer Trust

As you’re just getting started on Amazon the next question you may ask is, “How do we get the users to buy with us?” Other than the obvious price comparisons, people want to trust the credibility of the seller. We know that reviews can go along way, and will be an important part of strategy, but there is something else you might want to consider; the power of Prime. Consumers want their packages fast. Amazon Prime delivers on that promise. Prime will add additional costs to your shipping logistics but registering as an Amazon Prime seller and storing products at a near Amazon warehouse can improve credibility. Packages stored in an Amazon warehouse are ready to ship on a moments notice. Amazon consumers trust Prime’s fast delivery, making users more likely to buy from a Prime seller. Fast delivery may indirectly impact reviews in a positive manner as well.

Amazon Alexa Voice Search

To pick up from where we left off on our previous voice search blog topic titled Siri SEO we have since realized the intent to buy via voice search on mobile or on an in-home Amazon Alexa may be much more likely than anticipated. An SMX study suggests that as of 2018, 50% of searches are performed on a non-pc device. 82% of those users search for a local business and 50% of those users who perform a local search for that local store will visit within 24 hours. Breaking it down to the point of sale, 18% of local searches lead to a sale within 24 hours.

As voice search becomes more integrated into our daily lives, we have to prepare to be readily available to optimize for voice search. How can we do this? By capitalizing on a few things that factor into voice search. Examples consist of Schema markup for FAQs, Page Speed, and of course things like domain authority along with HTTPs sites are critical. When talking about ranking for Amazon search, however, this all gets thrown out the window. You cannot make these specific edits to Amazon, you have to focus on the product listing itself. So again, filter fields are important for the Amazon Alexa to find your product and suggest that product to the user, and so are “deals of the day.” Amazon promotes products higher in the search results to show under their deals of the day section. Promoting a sale can have a huge advantage in voice search results as anyone at a given moment can ask Alexa “show me my deals of the day.” Alexa will then recommend products on sale.

Currently, there is no real way to track the number of voice search results, but there have been rumors of Google releasing voice search analytics. But for now, we have seen improvements in the search results from testing these theories and are confident in our abilities to put your product above the competition by keeping up with the latest advancements in SEO.

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