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Amazon SEO – What You Need to Know

amazon seo
18 Nov 2016

There are many ecommerce SEO tips to help products show up in the SERPs; however, Google is no longer the King of the Internet when it comes to online shopping. A recent study by BloomReach showed that more than half of online shoppers (55%) begin their online shopping journey on Amazon instead of Google. What this means for you is that while standard ecommerce SEO is still important, you should also be implementing Amazon SEO to your marketing repertoire.

Before we get into the specific things you can do to rank higher on Amazon, it’s important for you to understand the goal of Amazon: conversion rates. If your listing will get Amazon more sales, it will rank higher. (Note: This is quite different than Google, whose main goal is user satisfaction.) So when thinking about Amazon SEO, you need to focus on the factors that show Amazon you can sell a product. These factors can be broken down into two main categories: how well your product sells and how relevant it is to the search.

Factors That Prove Your Product Sells

These are the Amazon SEO factors that will demonstrate to Amazon that your product will actually sell once it is seen:

  • Images – Customers are more likely to click on a product with high-quality images, and Amazon knows this, so make sure you are following Amazon’s image guidelines of 1000×1000 pixels (which allows your image to include the zoom feature).
  • Reviews – People use reviews to determine which products to buy, so the more positive reviews you have, the better. You can follow up with your customers and encourage them to leave an honest review, but you cannot ask for a positive one.
  • Sales Rank – If you sell more than your competitors, you will rank higher on Amazon. Simple as that.
  • Price – Amazon also pays attention to the price of your products. You need to be competitively priced to both similar products on Amazon and elsewhere across the web; otherwise, your chances of closing the sale go down dramatically.

Factors That Help Prove Your Product is Relevant

Now that you have shown Amazon your product will sell, you need to artfully incorporate Amazon SEO to make sure your product shows up for the right searches. This includes:

  • Use a succinct title that tells the customer exactly what they are getting, and make sure you include your main keywords (which can be the product name, brand name, material, size, color, etc.).
  • Craft your product description with bullet points. They tend to rank higher than paragraph descriptions, probably because they are easier to skim for key details.
  • Create your search terms carefully, abiding by Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon SEO is very different than what you use for Google. They do not want you to use any variations of the same word or repeat any words, and they also say to leave out common misspellings or synonyms. Since the five fields for search terms are only 50 characters each, you should also leave out any punctuation, such as commas or quotation marks, because Amazon will ignore them anyway.

If you sell a product on Amazon, using these Amazon SEO tips is critical for your success. After all, if you don’t rank well, you will be buried beneath pages and pages of similar products and you will never be seen. To learn more about Amazon SEO, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.