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Announcing Our 200th Blog Post

10 Mar 2016

This is officially our 200th blog post—we can hardly believe it ourselves. So what makes this milestone such a big deal? Let us tell you:

Quantity Counts for Content Marketing

Yes, the quality of your content absolutely matters but one of the lesser-known keys to content marketing is how many total blog posts you have. In fact, Hubspot reports that an impressive 76% of their blog views each month come from blog posts that are more than a month old. Even more notable, 92% of their new leads from blogs were obtained through old posts.

Every time you add a new blog post, you are adding another indexed page to your website. That means you have another page that Google will evaluate and rank in their search engine. When you optimize each blog post for SEO, then it’s not a stretch to say your visibility will increase as time goes on. Essentially, the work it takes to publish a blog post today can equate to thousands of views and leads in the future—and these stats from Hubspot prove it:

  • Websites that post 15 or more blog posts per month receive five times as much traffic compared to sites that don’t blog.
  • When a website doubles their number of monthly blog posts (from four to eight) they receive twice as many leads.
  • Once a website reaches 50 total blog posts, they will see an average of 45% more traffic.
  • Companies who reach the coveted 200th blog post (yay us!) can expect to have five times as many leads than companies with 10 or less blog posts.

Quality Matters Too

Now that you see how dramatic the results can be when you increase the number of blog posts your site has, it’s crucial to note that the quality of your content is equally important. When you consider that Google’s algorithms only continue to get smarter, there will be no room on the SERPs for poor-quality content. You have to spend time writing the blog posts anyway, so you may as well make the time to ensure that your content is original, grammatically correct, and informative. Not only is great content critical for your content marketing strategy, it is also a great way to collect inbound links from other sources.

So while we are pretty pumped about reaching our 200th blog post, we know that the game of content marketing is never over. Before long, we will be reaching 300 blog posts, followed by 400 blog posts, and beyond. For help getting your content marketing campaign going so you, too, can experience the benefits that blog posts can bring you, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.