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How Will Augmented Reality Impact Your SEO Efforts?

augmented reality seo and digital marketing
14 Feb 2018

If you have ever used a Snapchat filter or captured a Pokémon, then you have experienced augmented reality. While the phrase itself still sounds like a science fiction movie, the truth is that it is very much a part of your daily life. In fact, Statista predicts that over 200 million people will use augmented reality this year. Which means you are going to want to pay attention to how this technology may impact marketing.

Augmented Reality Explained

Before you can appreciate how augmented reality can improve your digital marketing campaign, you need to fully understand what it is. Many people confuse augmented reality with virtual reality, but they are very different things. Virtual reality is when you use technology to immerse yourself into a completely different world with a VR headset. Augmented reality is when you use technology to overlay realistic video, images, or text on top of actual video or photos. Most smartphones today already use augmented reality. Examples include Pokémon Go, Snapchat and Facebook photo filters, and constellation finders.

The Impact of Augmented Reality on SEO

Successful digital marketing comes down to engagement. The longer you can keep your users intrigued, the more likely they are to become paying customers. And augmented reality is an exceptional way to attract attention and retain interest. Here is a look at two ways augmented reality can be used to help your SEO efforts:

  • Interactive Apps – There are already a few of these on the market, like one from Ikea that lets you see their furniture in your actual home, and another from Sephora that allows you to virtually put makeup on your face to see if the colors look good. Amazon is also incorporating augmented reality, as explained in this short video on ABC. This technology has incredible benefits for retention, and retention has incredible benefits for your ranking on the SERPs.
  • Geo-locating – The use of augmented reality brings geo-locating to a whole new level. The technology knows exactly where your users are and can use this to your advantage. With augmented reality, users will be able to point their phone at your store and be shown key details about your business, including your reviews and any coupons you have available. Take the time to make sure you are listed in all online directories so you will be shown when this technology becomes popular.

The introduction of mainstream augmented reality is exciting for both users and brands. By capturing your audience and keeping them intrigued, you can improve your search engine rankings, your SEO efforts, and your in-store sales. To learn more about how to make augmented reality work for your company, contact us now.