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Leading CT SEO Agency Hires Director of Website Development

director of website development
19 Jun 2015

Zero Gravity Marketing, one of the largest SEO agencies in Connecticut, has been growing at light speed. We are thrilled to announce that the growth is not slowing down. In light of this, please join us in welcoming our new Director of Website Development, Bryan Bielefeldt. In this position, he will be responsible for working with Zero Gravity Marketing’s clients to design, implement, and maintain their websites and web applications while offering strategic insights into their SEO, PPC & Social campaigns, while maintaining a seamless user experience, always with a conversion in mind. A few of his specialties beyond website development include branding, email marketing, landing pages, promotions, and vector illustration.

Bryan has been in the industry for over seven years, and he received his Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Western Connecticut State University. Prior to his career in website development, Bryan had a five-year stint in the U.S. Army as an Air Borne Infantryman, with Battle Company, 2nd BN 503 IN, 173 ABN BDE in Vicenza Italy (thanks, Bryan!).

So what can you expect out of Bryan? According to his past clients, he is amazing at solving problems and always offers more than just one solution. They also provided insight on his incredible work ethic, his extreme reliability, and his desire to exceed expectations. It’s easy to see why we are so delighted to have him on board.

When asked about what he hopes to bring to the clients at Zero Gravity Marketing, Bryan said, “My goal at Zero Gravity Marketing is to assist in the growth of a digital team that is already ambitious and strong. I pride myself on thinking outside of the box and finding solutions to problems that push the envelope of what our team & our clients think you can or cannot do with ones and zeros. Getting the reaction ‘I didn’t know you could do that’ means you’ve started thinking about possibilities instead of just what you did last time.” Bryan went on to say, “Simply put, I like building cool stuff. Now I’m a part of a team that can do it.”

With Bryan on our team, we can continue to catapult our growth and offer our clients the best marketing solutions Connecticut has ever seen. If you would like to say hello to Bryan, or inquire about any of the services our SEO agency offers, contact us today.