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Business Blogging Guide

business blogging
06 Nov 2014

The Beginner’s Guide to Business Blogging

If you want to increase website traffic and sales (and who doesn’t?), then business blogging is your ticket. Not only do your readers crave interesting, informative content, Google requires it. So you better get busy. But don’t worry; we aren’t just going to leave it at that. Here are some tips to make business blogging easier for you.

What Do I Write About?

This can often be the most challenging part of business blogging. You know you need to have something on your site, but you have no idea what to write about. The best way to conjure up ideas is to think about what common questions your customers ask. Sure, you can create a FAQ page, but then you should take each question and expand upon it as a blog post.

Remember, blog posts are more casual than educational articles, so while they should absolutely contain new information, you can feel free to let your personality show through. This will make you more relatable to your readers, and it will make them actually want to read what you have to say.

How Frequently Should I Post?

First, before you launch your blog, you should have a couple articles backdated. This will make it seem like you have had your blog established for a while, and it will give your readers a chance to absorb more information from their very first visit.

After your launch, it is best to post a few times per week. However, for many business bloggers, this is too much of a commitment, and nothing ends up getting posted as a result. That’s why we recommend a minimum of one post per week. It’s not too much so you will stay on track, but it’s enough that it will increase your rankings and keep your readers intrigued.

How Do I Get My Blog Noticed?

Okay, you have put a lot of time into writing educational, entertaining blogs, but nobody seems to be reading them. That’s where some self-promotion comes in. Here are some ways to improve the visibility of your business’s blog:

  • Share on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are a must. For bonus points, choose a Pinterest-worthy image and share your blog there. If its business related, share on LinkedIn, and if your audience is the Millennials, Instagram is worth your time.
  • Use SEO – Every blog should follow basic SEO rules to help you gain organic traffic from the search engines. This means making sure every blog is well written (no grammar or spelling mistakes), is unique, and contains a few keywords. Blog articles should also have meta data, accurate title tags, and image alt tags. If you don’t know what these are, it’s a good idea to contact us to revise and post your blogs for you.
  • Get Subscribers – This is a must of any business blogging endeavor. Have a link on your site for people to subscribe to your blog. That way, every time you post a new one, they will get an email notification.

Yes, business blogging does take some time. But if you can follow the above tips, you will soon experience an influx of website traffic and, hopefully, some sales to go with it.

Contact Zero Gravity Marketing if you have any questions about business blogging, if you need help writing and posting blogs, or managing your digital marketing campaign.