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Cheap Website Solutions

cheap website solutions
02 Jul 2014

Are Cheap Website Solutions Really That Great of a Deal? (Hint: No!)

So you’ve scoured the web looking for someone to set up and optimize your website. Along your way, you have come across many different companies with a wide array of price points. So what gives? Why are some website solution businesses so much cheaper than the others?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” It’s true, especially when it comes to your website. Whether you are looking for a company to design your site from scratch or simply give it a makeover while optimizing it for the search engines, here’s why you need to be careful if you make your decision based solely on price:

First Impressions Are Everything

In the competitive world that is called the Internet, looks matter. They matter a lot. If someone visits your website and it looks like it was made by an amateur, they will assume that you are an amateur and move on. Most customers today begin the buying process online (yes, even if you are a bricks-and-mortar company), so it is more important than ever to make sure your website keeps your customers interested instead of sending them away. When you have an expert design your site, you will look like the professional who you are. A well-made site instantly gains you the credibility you need for your prospects to continue on the road to becoming clients.

A Poorly Constructed Site = Low Conversions

When someone rushes to get your website built (a common occurrence when people are getting underpaid for the work), or doesn’t have the experience necessary to do it properly, you are the one who suffers. Why? It all comes down to your conversion rate. Ease of use is a huge factor in whether or not a visitor becomes a customer. If your site takes forever to load, the information is not easy to find, or the purchasing process is painful, you just lost a customer who will probably never return. On the contrary, an experienced web designer will be able to attract the right people and turn them into buyers by optimizing your site with the end-user in mind.

If the Wrong SEO Techniques Are Used, You Could Be Penalized

Oftentimes, the companies that are way cheaper than the others are participating in what is known in the industry as Black Hat SEO. In other words, they are using SEO techniques that could get you in big trouble with Google. We won’t get into what’s allowed and what’s not right now, but just know, if you do end up in bed with a company partaking in this SEO method, you risk your site’s being banned from Google. And that can be very hard to come back from. A legit company will only use White Hat SEO techniques, which will get your website to rank high while providing valuable content for your readers.

When you invest in an established, proven business to set up, optimize and maintain your website, you are making an investment for your company’s future. Even though you have to pay more upfront, the results you achieve with a well-built site will pay you back tenfold in the form of more traffic, higher conversion rates, and thousands of satisfied customers.

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