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Content Marketing 2014

content marketing
14 Aug 2014

Successful Content Marketing: 2014 Edition

Content development has always been a part of marketing, but it has never been more important than it is now. Consumers are more aware, technology is more advanced, and even Google has stepped up their game. It is no longer okay to publish gibberish disguised with a pretty picture and some keywords. When it comes to content marketing in 2014, it is all about the quality of the words being written. If this can be done successfully, both the search engine spiders and your readers will be happy.

Content Optimization to Please Search Spiders

Of course, getting high search engine rankings is always a goal. And, luckily for you, search engines are beginning to realize that keywords do not hold the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. So all of those sites that used to just stuff in keywords and call it a day have all been shut down. They have been forced to start from scratch and work their way back up the rankings.

For content marketing in 2014, the spiders are now looking for high-quality articles and blog posts that will actually give their searchers what they are looking for (and it’s not just massive keywords). But more than that, they are looking for relevancy. Since the times are always changing, Google gives more clout to the content that is the most recent. As a searcher, you should be thankful. And as a company, well, you better get busy writing, or contact us to help.

Content Development to Please Human Readers

Getting high rankings with Google is certainly something to be proud of, but if you aren’t retaining your readers, and inspiring them to become a frequent visitor to your site, then you are missing the point of content marketing in 2014. It is all about being engaging and actually entertaining your readers while educating them.

Content Marketing 2014

All of the how-to and list articles ever possible have been published about 1,000 times over the past few years. We get it. We know how to remove wallpaper and combat aging and tie a tie. Now, it’s time to get creative. For 2014, content marketing is all about getting emotional. It’s about connecting with your readers on a human level.

  • Does your content make people laugh?
  • Will they be able to relate to it?
  • Does it cause a lump in their throat?
  • Did you leave yourself out of it?

These are all important questions to ask yourself, but above all, you should be asking if your content is going to cause the reader to click the share button. In the world of social media, viral content is the equivalent of gold. Not only does it mean you have truly connected with your customers, but it means your brand is being introduced to an entirely new audience.

In many ways, content marketing in 2014 is simpler than it has ever been before. While you still might want to include a few keywords and backlinks, if you can provide your readers with relatable, sharable content, your marketing budget will give you strong return on investment.

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