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What We Learned About Persuasive Content at INBOUND 17 – Part 2

content marketing strategy
26 Oct 2017

Using the right words in your content marketing is everything. In Part One of this series, we talked about several ways to use persuasive copy in your content marketing strategy, including everything from explaining the why to using visualization. Now, we will tell you even more insider secrets we learned from Nancy Harhut at HubSpot’s INBOUND 17.

Keep Your Content Marketing Simple

When people are perusing the web, the last thing they want is to have to think too much. Keep your language simple and to the point.

Use the Need for New

People love being trendsetters and trying the newest things, so use words that play to that in your content marketing lingo, such as: introducing, announcing, finally, now, and new.

Stop Objections in Their Tracks

Know what your common objections are and confront them before the readers have the chance to talk themselves out of the purchase. For example, if you are offering a subscription service, make sure the user knows right up front they can cancel at any time—don’t make them go digging for that information.

Play to the Emotions

The majority of shoppers purchase for emotional reasons, and it’s your job to use that in your content marketing. Paint a picture for the reader of what life will be like with your product/service.

Speak to the Reader

Who is your favorite person to talk about? Probably yourself, right? And you are not alone. In persuasive content marketing, it is paramount that you speak directly to the reader.

Break Up the Text

When reading copy online, very few people will read every word. The majority of readers simply scan a page, so make it easy for them to skim while ensuring your key points stand out. You can do this with subheads, bullets, and bold text.

Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out

As humans, we are pre-wired to notice things that are out of the ordinary, so try to make your content marketing materials stand out from the crowd. This can be with an emoji in an email subject line or a unique title tag on the SERPs.

Place Urgency on the Purchase

If people have time to think about making a purchase, they will probably take that time. It’s your job to emphasize that time is of the essence. Make your sale for a limited time only or have a minimal inventory available of a top seller.

Capture Attention with Creative Wording

They may seem cheesy at times, but when used correctly, rhymes and similes can be very effective in content marketing. Rhymes will stick out and are easier to comprehend for readers, while similes can bring an abstract idea to life.

Employ Visuals

Words are powerful; that is not up for debate. But to make them even more successful, partner them with compelling visuals and you will hit a homerun.


Now that you have learned all about the best ways to use persuasive copy in your content marketing, it is time to put it to the test. Or, you can always contact us. As a top content marketing agency, we are well versed in the best ways to get customers to say yes.