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What Is Customer Journey Mapping?

customer journey mapping
28 Jan 2016

At ZGM, we are constantly trying to increase conversion rates and decrease bounce rates to improve your ROI. Customer journey mapping is one of the ways we can accomplish this. Customer journey mapping walks the path your customers take, to define and map the turns, turnarounds and roadblocks your customers experience. When we map customer journeys online and off, we make adjustments to better guide the customer on the path we want them to take. Customer journey mapping usually contains four main steps:

  • Awareness – Where did the customer hear about your brand?
  • Consideration – What draws them in and keeps them interested?
  • Conversion – What makes them finally commit?
  • Loyalty – Do they stick with your brand in the future?

Our Customer Journey Mapping Process

The goal of customer journey mapping is to make more customers convert. We study the tracking data from Google Analytics. These are two key things we look at:

Traffic Source

Where did your traffic come from? Did they find you through organic search or through a PPC ad? Did they click on a link from another site or were they referred to you through a social media site?

Once we learn where your traffic came from, we look to see which sources brought you the highest and lowest conversion rates. This gives us some insight into where we need to focus our efforts.

Bounce Rates

Where a user leaves your site is vital data. Did they leave after only seeing the homepage? If so, why? Did they make it all the way to the shopping cart (if you are an ecommerce site), but not click the buy button? Why not?

We also break up the bounce rate and conversion rate into several categories to get an even clearer customer journey mapping. This includes which device was used (desktop or mobile), the location, the time of day, and more.

Testing Changes

Once our customer journey mapping process is complete, the real work begins. With the big picture in mind, we can make recommendations for fixing problem areas. Sometimes this means redesigning certain pages, adding in better content, removing unnecessary steps, including interactive features, and more. Our goal is for every customer’s journey to end in a conversion.

Are you ready to find out what your customers’ experience is like when on your site? Contact Zero Gravity Marketing now so we can get to work performing your customer journey mapping to give you invaluable insight into your website.