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Data Spreading: Using Social Interactions to Grow Business Opportunities

Data Spreading: Using Social Interactions to Grow Business Opportunities
01 Aug 2018

Social media has taken the world by storm. Everywhere we go today, there is social media involved in some way. Whether through a tech savvy teen tweeting a live video or a retail location offering rewards for in-store shoppers who like their Facebook post, the ways social media has become a part of everyday life are endless.

That’s really the purpose of social media marketing after all isn’t it? Connecting with consumers and businesses to share common interests, strengthening brand loyalty and ultimately increasing a business’s bottom line?

At Zero Gravity Marketing we’re not content with just doing the same thing, all day, every day. We know that in order to stand out in the sea of other companies vying for attention we need to do more for our clients. So, as a top marketing agency we’re always looking to create opportunities and increase our client’s presence on social media.

That’s where our strategy of Data Spreading, a term coined by our Social Media Manager Liza Adelberg, comes into play.

What is Data Spreading?

Now that we understand the profound role social media plays in business marketing, it’s important to think about how it can be used as a tool to further spread brand awareness in the social sphere.

Let’s look at an example of social interaction between a customer and a brand on Facebook.

In this example a customer interacts with a brand by liking a post or commenting. The business then either responds or likes the comment. Typically, the conversation ends there.

With Data Spreading, you’re taking initiative to engage with content from other relevant brands and influencers to over time, grow into an ecosystem of users and experts who recognize your brand as relevant in the space.

In this example, Business page A sees content from Business B that they appreciate or believes their customers/audience would appreciate. Business A then likes/comments on that post.

Everyone else who sees that post (those already following the page or if it’s public, the whole web) will then see that Business A has engaged. Business B will (hopefully) manage their social media by responding to the comment or clicking the name to find out who this business is and this becomes a win-win for all.

Taking Social Interaction to New Levels

Now that you understand what Data Spreading is and how it can help brands to further their reach, it’s important to understand the ways to start using it to take your social media to the next level.

Start using your Facebook business page to get your brand noticed. Like other related businesses and partners and begin making a human connection in the social world.

Once you’ve established some “friends” in the industry, you should start to engage with them and their community of followers. Post on their pages, comment on any of their recent events or posts – any and all engagement is good! So, get to liking!

It’s important to like pages that relate closely to your customers and their lifestyle. Think about the kinds of topics that interest them and meet them in the comments section.

If all of this sounds amazing but you can’t fathom having to add another task to your never ending list of daily duties, there’s good news! You don’t have to! Data spreading on owned social channels is completed on your behalf by the team here at Zero Gravity Marketing. This value-added activity completes the package when it comes to driving a genuine human connection that customers value so greatly today.

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