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Explainer Videos Can Boost Conversions

explainer videos boost conversions
09 Mar 2017

As a digital marketing agency, one of our top goals is to improve your conversion rates and make you more money. While attractive, easy-to-use websites and compelling copy are essential to your success, explainer videos could be the digital marketing tactic your site is missing.

What Is an Explainer Video?

Simply put, an explainer video is a short video that tells a visitor the story you want to portray. They can be digital drawings, claymation, or hand drawn, and they provide businesses with an entertaining, succinct way to convey the point they are trying to make. And they work. As reported by Unbounce, explainer videos have been proven to increase conversion rates dramatically when used with other digital marketing tactics. Dropbox was one of the first websites to use an explainer video, and they made it the only thing on their homepage. It increased their conversions by 10%, earning them thousands of additional sign-ups each day.

Why Are They So Effective?

It’s not a secret that the average web searcher has a lousy attention span. If your digital marketing efforts cannot capture the user’s attention in under eight seconds, then you don’t stand a chance. As long as you have a catchy script and alluring visuals, an explainer video can easily re-capture the viewer’s attention every eight seconds.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Explainer Videos?

In addition to quickly capturing the viewer’s attention, there are many other reasons why explainer videos are an excellent addition to your digital marketing efforts:

  • Appease Visual Learners – Not everyone can grasp your key concepts by reading text on a page. By incorporating an explainer video, you can also educate the visual learners.
  • Help People Remember You – It has been proven that people are 50% better at retaining information that they see or hear versus information that they read.
  • Reign In Your Message – With an explainer video, you only have a minute or two to relay everything you want to teach the audience. This forces you to really compress your message and only include the main points.
  • Increase Your Shareability – A huge part of any digital marketing campaign is to create content that people will want to share with their friends, helping you increase your reach tenfold. If your explainer video is entertaining enough, it is likely to be shared many times.

By incorporating explainer videos into your digital marketing strategy, you can easily connect with your customers while succinctly conveying your message. If you are interested in seeing how explainer videos can impact your conversion rates, contact Zero Gravity Marketing now. As your digital marketing agency, we would love to perform some A/B testing to show you just how impactful they can be.