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10 Digital Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind for 2015

29 Jan 2015

We keep telling you the importance of digital marketing. We stress time and time again how crucial it is to produce high-quality content. We reiterate over and over that your site must be mobile-friendly. But why are we so firm on these beliefs? Because we want you to succeed. These ten statistics, unveiled by industry experts, will back up everything we have told you about digital marketing in 2015.

80% of people who use the Internet own a smartphone. [Global Web Index]

Which means you simply can’t afford to ignore the mobile world. It’s not even about being mobile-friendly anymore; it’s about making mobile a priority.

68% of organic search traffic is lost because of poor mobile functionality. [Search Engine Watch]

There are thousands of sites out there that work flawlessly on smartphones, and if yours isn’t one of them, your users will find one that is.

51% of website traffic comes from organic search. [BrightEdge]

And you know what gets you ranked highly for organic search? Quality content, a smart use of keywords, and inbound links—with the most important being the engaging, informative content.

85% of retailers say that SEO is the number one way they acquire new customers. [National Retail Federation]

Yes, this even includes brick-and-mortar stores. You don’t have to be e-commerce to benefit from SEO.

70% of people online say they would rather learn about a company through their articles instead of an advertisement. [Business 2 Community]

Another score for the importance of filling your site with well-written content. Customers want to read what you have to say, you just need to give it to them.

55% of brands report a strong increase in web traffic by blogging regularly. [Rocket Post]

Even if they didn’t change any other aspect of their digital marketing strategy. The more content, the more traffic, and the higher you rank in the search results—which, of course, leads to even more traffic.

Companies who post at least 15 blogs per month report 1,200 new leads each month. [Kapost]

Are you convinced of the importance of regular content yet? There really is no way around it.

Brands who began an inbound digital marketing strategy in 2014 noticed that their website conversion rates doubled. [HubSpot]

Not only does SEO bring more traffic to your site, it brings qualified traffic.

Conversion rates are six times higher for companies who use content marketing versus those who don’t. [Aberdeen Group]

When people find your site because of your interesting, educational content, they are more likely to trust you, and therefore, buy from you.

Businesses who use inbound marketing as their main customer acquisition source save $14 dollars for each one. [HubSpot]

Inbound marketing gets you more qualified leads and it costs you less to get them—what’s not to love about that? And $14 per new customer sure adds up fast.

So do you believe us now? Do you see why we are so adamant about making quality content a key part of your digital marketing strategy? Do you understand why we stress the importance of mobile compatibility? Good! Now let’s get to work making 2015 your best year yet. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing today and we will put together a digital marketing strategy just for you.