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Effective Content Marketing – 4 Strategies That Work

effective content marketing
09 Apr 2015

When you are developing your content marketing strategy, you want your blog posts to garner you the most traffic possible. After all, the more traffic your posts get, the more social shares you receive, and the more backlinks—which are pretty much SEO gold. Because when you get all of those things, your ranking increases, which brings more traffic to your site. You see where this is going. So what kind of content marketing will get you this kind of attention? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, these are the types of content marketing that people go crazy for:

Step-by-Step Solutions

While content marketing posts that simply share your opinion about something may seem like a good idea, the truth is that people prefer information that will help them. Think about it: When you want to learn how to do something, what do you do? You probably pull out your phone or your desktop and ask Google how to do it. So whatever solution you can offer to your customers, do it, because they are bound to be searching for it.

List Posts with Over 50 Items

When people see a list post, like “50 Things to Do in New York” they just can’t help but clicking. People love list posts because they are usually quick reads and they don’t have much time to read your content marketing materials. So if they can get 50 ideas in one post, it certainly seems worth it. While even a top 10 list should get you some clicks, it seems like the higher the number, the more impressive the post seems, and the better it will be for your content marketing strategy.

Curated Guides

It’s true that you can find any information you want online, but that doesn’t mean it’s fast or easy to do so. That’s why people love posts that scour the Internet and combine all of the best facts, statistics, and details in one spot. Just think about how much time you could save by reading a post titled “Your Ultimate Guide to Visiting New York” instead of having to read about every single tourist attraction on its own.


As powerful as text can be for your content marketing strategy, it’s important not to forget about pictures. Did you know that 65% of people in the U.S. are visual learners? Sure, they might read your blogs, but if you really want to capture the majority of people, you need to appease their love for visuals. Infographics are the most popular visual aide, and they are a great way to get across a lot of data in a short amount of time.

Not only are these types of content marketing good for your bottom line; they are also fun to write. But don’t worry; if you don’t feel like writing them for yourself, our content marketing services can handle it for you.