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Wrapping Our Minds Around Mindfulness

Wrapping Our Minds Around Mindfulness
08 Apr 2019

Employee Appreciation & Mindfulness Grav Talk Recap    

Zero Gravity Marketing understands that our people are more than just employees; they’re the reason we stay successful in this highly competitive industry. That’s why we take the time to make sure all members of our team feel heard and appreciated. One way we do this is through our Grav Talk company-wide meetings. During our Grav Talks, we acknowledge the work our folks are doing, say hello to our newbies, and brainstorm ways we can make ZGM the best possible workplace. Without an engaged and happy workforce, we know we wouldn’t be able to deliver the exceptional service our customers have come to know and trust. 

During our most recent Grav Talk, we discussed some stuff we’re really proud of. Here’s a recap: 

Our Goals: Working Together to be Better Individuals & Build a Better Company 

The leaders at ZGM want our employees to know that we’re listening. That’s why we’re proud to announce Amanda Audibert’s new position as our Corporate Wellness Coach. With Amanda at the helm of our employee engagement initiatives, we’ll be working to provide the best work environment possible.  

As a company, we’re committed to seeking feedback from our team and investigating how we can improve the way our employees feel about their jobs. As individuals, we want our employees to embrace the beauty of goal-setting, too. How, you ask? Great question!  

Here’s an overview of the goal setting practice we participated in during our Grav Talk: 

Set three goals you want to accomplish this year. Maybe they’re work-related goals, or maybe they relate to your personal life. In any event, it’s important to have something you’re reaching for. Three goals, no matter how big or small, will give you a solid foundation for learning and growing as the months move forward. 

Need help getting started? Ask yourself some simple questions like: 

  • What does my day look like? 
  • What is my role? 
  • What am I eating? 
  • How do I feel? 

These types of questions will help you uncover opportunities to create new goals for yourself.  

As our employees grow personally, they’ll also flourish professionally. And ZGM will be growing right along with them. 

ZGM’s Employee Wellness Share 

What drives you to get out of bed and put a smile on your face each day? How do you clear your mind and get ready to tackle the next tasks in the queue?

During our Grav Talk, we opened the floor to our team so they could share their favorite wellness tips and tricks. Our staff offered some awesome suggestions, including: 

  • Meditation Practices 
  • Books for Personal Growth 
  • Wellness-Focused Apps 
  • Gratitude Techniques 

Our wellness share was a great opportunity to brainstorm ways to improve our employees worklife balance. It also provided us with great ideas for our new wellness program (we’ll talk about that later). 

Mindfulness at ZGM 

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your awareness on the present moment. It is extremely beneficial for stress management, improving focus, and improving your overall mental and physical wellbeing.  

At ZGM, we understand that balancing work and life can be challenging. That’s why we wanted to provide our employees with a tool to help them remain at ease both at home and in the office. Mindfulness – whether it be through meditation, journaling, or a simple breathing exercise – was the exact tool we were looking for.  

Here are some mindfulness tips we discussed: 

  • Know when you need to take a break, even if it’s just for a 30-second breathing session. 
  • Intimidated by meditation? Ease your way into it with the help of an app (we love Calm and Headspace). 
  • Set aside time to disconnect and spend time with your loved ones or practice a hobby. 

Along with our discussion on mindfulness, we also introduced ZGM’s new wellness program. 

The ZGM Wellness Program 

Zero Gravity Marketing is excited to introduce our new employee wellness program, led by Amanda. She will act as a liaison between employees and management, encouraging open discussions about improvements that can be made to the company environment. She will also provide our team with the tools they need to incorporate wellness into their work lives.   

As part of our new program, we will be introducing quarterly challenges (like our March Meditation challenge), a wellness newsletter, and a company activities calendar that will encourage our team to spend time together outside of work. We will also be organizing opportunities for team building through sports teams, race sponsorships, and book clubs.   

The new wellness program at ZGM is founded upon the idea that our people matter. Through it, we will give our employees the tools they need to live, learn, grow, discover, and experience life inside and outside of the office. 

At ZGM, we’re proud of our people and the culture we’ve created. Our company is full of talented individuals that contribute to our success every day – and they deserve to be celebrated.  

Want to join the ZGM team? Visit our website to check out our job listings or contact us today.