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Employee Spotlight – Alex Serbetzian, Account Executive & Digital Strategist

Alex Serbetzian, Account Executive & Digital Strategist
21 Nov 2017

Zero Gravity Marketing has risen above the competition to become a top digital marketing firm in Connecticut, and we credit it to our unique, diverse team. We appreciate every player, and we know that without him or her, we wouldn’t be the successful marketing firm we are today.

With this in mind, we have launched an Employee Spotlight initiative. Our hope is that, as you learn more about each of the talented individuals at our marketing firm, you will gain further insight into why we are so great together.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Alex Serbetzian, Account Executive & Digital Strategist. We have asked him a few questions to provide an insider’s look as to what makes Alex tick. Enjoy!

Alex Serbetzian, Account Executive & Digital Strategist

Where are you from?

There are some funny words here…I am from a small hamlet called Sugar Loaf, NY which might sound fictional, but it is a real place, trust me! It’s a tiny little hippie town right outside of Warwick, NY. Needless to say, I grew up in the ‘country’ with farms and apple orchards everywhere, but it was nice because I was only 1-hour northwest of NYC.

How did you choose this career path?

I always loved anything that could allow for some creativity, idea, and strategy generation. Since having a digital presence in today’s business environment is so crucial, combining the creativity aspect, with marketing, and with helping others, it was easy to choose digital marketing.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the fact that we have so many different types of clients from so many industries. We’re able to learn about various businesses while providing our creative services.

What is your favorite part of being a member of the ZGM team?

With the fast-paced nature of our business, we’ve done a great job recruiting hardworking people with many various skill sets. My favorite part is just being here with everyone, trying to learn as much as I can, and to make our clients happy & successful.

What is the strangest job you’ve ever had?

They might not be very strange, but I’ll give you a few of my earliest jobs. Based on the funny name of my town, it should be no surprise my first job was working in an apple orchard when I was in middle school & then in high school I worked on a Christmas tree farm. The strangest & smelliest though is probably a summer internship I had during undergrad. One of my minors in college was environmental management in so I worked for an environmental health & safety consulting firm that does things like OSHA compliance, soil & groundwater testing for hazardous materials/chemicals, and working at lovely places like water & waste treatment sites.

What is your favorite quote?

I love me some Dr. Seuss so this is always one of my favorites: “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Do you have any pets?

Just recently! One dog named Copper.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

There are a ton, but one of my top goals is to publish some form of writing like a fiction novel or children’s book.

What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

My prime may have been circa 2000 haha…I earned my black belt in karate when I was only 10.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Sports photography, collecting music records, visiting new breweries, reading, and writing. A hobby I want to take on though is learning more about cars & motorcycles so I can fix them up/flip them some day.

What’s your favorite food? Least favorite food?

My favorite ‘meal’ would be a nice medium-rare steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies. It’s not really ‘food’, but I’m not a fan of capers for whatever reason lol.

Pick three words to describe yourself.

Easy-going, kind, and driven.

Favorite musician?

I’ll give you two…The Beatles & Jack White

If you were a Crayola crayon, what color would you be?

I looked this up so let’s go with ‘Radical Red’

You’re about to perform in a karaoke bar. What song do you pick?

I can’t sing haha…but probably something from Queen like ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

If you could live in a TV show, book, or movie, which one would you pick?

One of my favorite books & movies is ‘Fight Club’ by Chuck Palahniuk. Brad Pitt is badass in the movie so I’d probably be him.

If you could hang out with anyone for a day, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

This is a little sappy, but probably my grandpa. He passed away when I was 12. He was sick most of my life so I’d love to learn more about him and his story.