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Ecommerce: Promoting Products with Social Platforms

Ecommerce: Promoting Products with Social Platforms
28 Sep 2018

Many ecommerce businesses know that social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, are great for promoting products. However, the challenge that many ecommerce businesses face is knowing how to use social media to their advantage without distancing or bombarding their potential customers with irrelevant products. Fortunately, the recent addition of product tagging within Facebook posts has now made it easier than ever for ecommerce businesses to reach their target customer base, while simultaneously increasing direct sales. 

Facebook Product Tagging 101 

Product tagging on Facebook can only occur after you have linked your website to the Facebook store. Next, you will be able to tag products in the same way that you can directly tag your friends on your personal social media pages. The key to product tagging is that a potential customer will see the post, click on the tag, and then immediately be directed to a separate page that is dedicated to that specific product. As an ecommerce business, it will be your job to customize the product page with compelling copy, including pricing information, reviews, and relevant photographs. Once the potential customers are on the product page, they will be able to decide if they want to buy the product (or perhaps bookmark the page for a future purchase). Fortunately, you will be able to track the customer actions and further analyze click-through rates for the post, product tag, and product page. You will also be able to analyze the number of sales that the product page achieves over a set period of time. 

The Benefits of Facebook Product Tagging: Is It Right for Your Business? 

The beauty of product tagging on Facebook is that you can elicit higher click-through rates, gain valuable marketing insights, and better customize your marketing messages to increase direct sales. Additionally, Facebook product tagging is designed to automatically integrate with your third-party partners. Currently, when you set up the shop section on your Facebook page, you can simultaneously integrate your products with your Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce pages. 

Another benefit of product tagging is that you can adjust your pages to match seasonal buying trends. For example, while you might sell wedges throughout the summer, in the fall you might want to switch your product tags to cover ankle booties. While you can still tag the summer wedges, you can also tag the ankle booties within the same post to better target customers interested in transitional seasonal wear. In fact, if your ecommerce business page already has a product catalog, then you will be able to tag up to 30 products in your posts. This tactic is especially beneficial during the holiday seasons, when many ecommerce shoppers are looking to make purchases for the year ahead. 

One of the final benefits of Facebook product tagging is that it offers valuable insights into the social media buying habits of customers. To leverage this benefit, you can cross-analyze the performance of your Facebook product tags vs. your third-party partners. These insights will help you to improve your buyer personas, so that you can more effectively target the right people, on the right platforms, and with the right products. All in all, the ease of Facebook product tagging, coupled with the flexibility, customization, and insights that it offers, makes it the right choice for almost any ecommerce business. 

The Bottom Line: Promote Your Products the Right Way 

It is important to note that while Facebook product tagging can certainly improve your organic visibility, it isn’t the only free tool that you should use. In fact, Facebook makes a note within its guidelines that tags shouldn’t “boost” a post. Instead, the platform prefers if you use Dynamic Ads to actively promote your products across the platform. If you are struggling to create the right balance between tagging products, developing Dynamic Ads, and leveraging a comprehensive social media strategy, don’t worry, Zero Gravity Marketing is here to help. To enjoy the benefits of a customized social media campaign, contact a team member today.