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New Feature Alert: Facebook Split Testing

Facebook advertising split testing
16 Feb 2017

Until now, if you wanted to perform A/B testing within your Facebook advertising, you would have to manually set up two separate ads and compare the data yourself. Not only is this cumbersome, it isn’t always an accurate comparison between the two data sets. But with Facebook’s new split testing feature, this is a thing of the past.

Facebook’s Split Testing Explained

As you know, split testing is a powerful way for you to test different ads to determine which ones are worth your money. By changing just one detail, you can see which audience responds the best to your ad, or which call to action is the most effective. Here are some key details about Facebook advertising’s new split testing feature:

  • Your audience is randomly divided into two separate groups who are shown the exact same ad. By selecting the groups randomly, the split testing will provide more accurate results since outside factors don’t play a role.
  • You can choose one variable for each ad set, and that is the only thing that will be different. Variable options include: who your target audience is, whether your goal is conversions or link clinks, or whether you want automatic placement or custom placement.
  • You can only select either separate audiences or a variable. Basically, only one thing can be different within each ad set. That is how Facebook makes sure you know exactly what the difference was that prompted varying results.
  • Facebook advertising uses people for their results, not cookies, so the ads can run across both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Once the split testing is complete, Facebook will compile the results and declare a winner. With this information, you can alter your ad strategy and design more effective campaigns going forward.

You Choose the Objective

Since not every business has the same goal, Facebook advertising lets you select your objective when setting up your split testing campaign. You can opt to increase your website conversions, get more mobile app installations, or collect qualified leads for your business. Once you choose your objective, you can then set up either a split test with two ad sets (A/B test) or with three ad sets (A/B/C test).

By performing split testing, you can gain valuable insight into your target market. Learn what draws them in, what gets them to click, and what makes them commit, and then use that information to bring your Facebook advertising to unprecedented levels. To learn more about Facebook advertising and their new split testing feature, contact us today.