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Google Ad Changes

04 Mar 2016

Google Makes Drastic Ad Changes: What You Need to Know

Since 2010, Google has been playing around with the way it displays their PPC ads. Until now, when you searched on a desktop, you saw the main search results as well as a column to the right full of paid ads. But now, after nearly six years of testing, these ads have disappeared.

Details of the Google Ad Changes

Essentially, these ad changes mean that the desktop view of Google mimics the mobile version. Instead of showing as many as 11 PPC ads on one page of the SERPs, Google will now only show a maximum of seven. And the breakdown might cause a little bit of an upset in the PPC world: Only three or four of the ads will show above the organic search listings, and the other three will be displayed at the bottom. It’s still page one, yes, but it’s the bottom of page one, so will it even be seen? Time will tell.

And just in case you were wondering, these ad changes do apply to all Google searches worldwide, no matter what language.

There is an Exception to the Ad Changes

Google has stated that there are two circumstances in which information may still show up on the right side of the main search results. These are:

  • Product Listing Ads – These are PPC ads that highlight a photograph of a product, and they will still be shown both above and to the side of the search results.
  • Knowledge Panel – These are the general information squares that provide a quick overview of a company’s contact details, and are usually only shown when an exact name is searched for.

How This Might Affect PPC Ads

With the reduction of PPC ad space, and the possibility of showing up on the bottom of the SERPs instead of the top, it’s safe to say the world of PPC ads has changed. Of course, it’s too soon to say for certain, but one would assume that if the real estate is limited, the price might increase. Then again, maybe the end-of-the-page PPC ads will be less expensive with similar click-through-rates. Only time will tell.

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