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Google Glass SEO Tips

Google Glass SEO tips
12 Aug 2016

Google Glass SEO Tips to Start Now

Google Glass is the newest technology to become mainstream. Well, kind of. Gaining access to this incredible equipment is super exclusive, but it still has us thinking about the future. Before long, Google Glass will be much more accessible, and the easier it gets for people to search, the more searches are being performed, and the more important it is to show up on top. So, as the savvy digital marketers that we are, we have put together some Google Glass SEO tips to start thinking about today.

Page One is Gone

Since the Google Glass interface is so restricted in size, it is no longer going to be good enough to show up on page one. If you are not the single most authoritative search result, you can forget being seen on Google Glass. Even AdWords ads won’t make the cut, so building up your organic SEO is extremely important.

Give Google Your Attention

With Google Glass, local search is key. As wearers cruise through town, they will simply search for the type of food they want or the type of service they need and Google Glass will point them in the right direction. Since all of the data on Google Glass comes directly from Google, you need to spruce up your Google Plus profile, your Google Maps listing, and, of course, your Google search results. Don’t let Google skip you by when someone wearing Google Glass is in your vicinity.

Authority Reigns Supreme

Again, Google Glass doesn’t have the space to give searchers an abundance of options. They give one result that the user can use, and if Google is only going to show one result, you can bet they are going to be positive it’s a good one. To determine authority, our guess is that Google Glass is going to give a lot of clout to Google Plus, as well as the amount of backlinks you have, the quality of your content, and your overall online presence amongst Google products. The combined sum of your efforts will tell Google who you are and why you deserve to be the sole survivor in the shortened SERPs.

Consider Content Nuggets

We’ve already mentioned the limited size in the Google Glass interface, but this affects more than just the SERPs—it affects your entire website. To target Google Glass wearers, it is all about content nuggets, or small chunks of information versus full webpages or blogs. In our opinion, Google is going to rely on rich snippets to convey the overall message of the page being viewed, so make sure to spend some time on your structured data.

Overall, Google Glass is definitely going to challenge the world of SEO as we know it. But if you focus on increasing page authority and remembering to incorporate rich snippets into your site, you should be able to reign supreme on Google Glass—and any other breakthrough technology that is sure to hit the scene. To ensure your website stays up to date with the latest trends, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.