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Google Phantom Targets “Thin” Content

google phantom
26 May 2015

Google algorithm changes are nothing new, but the latest update (which came without warning) has made a BIG impact. NBC reports that this update first rolled out in early May. Since the update came with no warning, Glen Gabe of G-Squared Interactive coined the update “Phantom” which has become the “go-to” name for this interesting change to how Google processes information—but what does this change actually do?

Phantom is primarily targeting publishers of low quality content—companies that publish clickbait articles. While it is not related to Panda or Penguin, it works in much the same way—targeting “thin” content.

The concern with these pages is that users experience too many ads, popups, and may have to click several times to get to the actual content or the “meat” of the article. These pages are being punished—heavily. Not only are the individual articles being hit, but also the domains as a whole, which could lead to some sweeping changes in the industry.

For the average internet browser, Google Phantom is good news. This could make it easier to get to the information you need and want, without having to click though pages and pages of annoying content. Who wants to search for real information, only to read an advertisement, click to the next page, close a popup, click through to the next page only to find more and more ads?

Changes like this will level the playing field for content marketing experts who do things ‘the right way.’ If you have any questions about Phantom, and how it may affect you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team—we would love to work with you!