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How to Get Blog Topic Ideas

24 Nov 2015

4 Ways to Get Blog Topic Ideas

It’s very important to keep a current blog on your website. In fact, the latest stats from HubSpot show that if you can get at least 16 new blogs posted per month, you can garner 3.5 times more traffic—and that’s an average for B2B and B2C companies, regardless of size. Not only that, but at least four new blog posts per week can get you 4.5 times more leads! And all you have to do is publish blogs on a regular basis.

Okay, we get it; it’s easier said than done. Coming up with 16 different blog topics per month that are interesting to your audience, and then actually writing them, is a daunting task. To help you out, we have outlined our own methods for coming up with popular blog topics:

Clearly Define Your Target Market

To conjure up compelling blogging topics, you have to have a crystal clear idea of who your target market is. You need to know what makes them tick, what they enjoy reading about, what problems they are facing, and what they eat for breakfast. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t relevant, but you get the point. Once you know your audience inside and out, think about what they might search for in Google that would make them come across your website. If you are a landscaping company, perhaps your audience will search fall gardening ideas or ways to prepare for the winter, which both happen to make excellent blog topics.

Check Out the Calendar

It may seem basic, but sometimes the best blog topic ideas are right in front of you. There is a holiday almost every month, and if there isn’t a holiday, there is some kind of pop culture event you can tie back into your business. From Black Friday shopping tips to New Year’s resolution ideas, bringing in the calendar gives you at least 2-3 good blog topics per month. And since they are relevant, their viral potential is exponential.

Review Comments on Social Media

Another surefire way to come up with a few dozen blog topic ideas is to turn to your own followers on social media. One look at your comments and there’s a good chance your customers are asking a lot of questions, such as how to use your product or recommendations you have for which products to use. Each and every one of these questions makes a great blog topic, and you will be helping your customers in the process.

Perform Keyword Research

Lest you forget that the main point of your blogs—after entertaining, educating, and inspiring your audience, of course—is to show up in the SERPs. That’s why keyword research a crucial part of developing good blog topics. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to test out any ideas you came up with in the previous three steps to make sure they are worth your time (i.e. they have decent search volume and not too much competition).

Another great way to use keywords to develop popular blog topics is to simply type some of them into Google. When you scroll down, you will see a section that shows you related searches, which are basically similar topics to your keywords that have enough search volume that Google feels the need to recommend them. Just take a look, and you will see that there are plenty of suggestions for popular blog topics.

Even though coming up with blogging topics takes time, your effort will be paid back time and time and time again. Just because a blog is old doesn’t mean it won’t show up on search.

For even more ways to come up with blog topic ideas, or to hire us to create them for you, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.