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Inspirational Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Inspirational Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram
01 Feb 2019

In the design world, inspiration is everything. While we’re proponents of individuality, we can admit that sometimes inspiration comes directly from our peers. When we’re in need of a little spark to get our creative juices flowing, we often head to Instagram, where there’s a wealth of design inspiration. If you’re in need of a little design moti

vation or simply enjoy aesthetically-pleasing content, check out some of our favorite design accounts we follow on Instagram.  

Logo and Type Inspiration 


Logo Voice posts daily logo design inspiration. Their feed is full of unique, eye-catching logos for various companies. We love their logo breakdown posts, where they examine the details of specific logos, noting small features that bring the design together but might not be noticeable at a quick glance.  













Good Type is a font lover’s paradise. The account curates innovative and aesthetically-pleasing type-work, showcasing artists from around the world. Their feed is bright and exciting; you can’t help but feel inspired when you scroll through it.  










Rifle Paper Co. is a stationary and lifestyle brand with a cult following – their 991,000 followers prove it. Their designs are whimsical and dainty, featuring illustrations of flowers, people, and more. We love their holiday creations, which cater to seasonality in a refreshing way.  









Pop & Pac is a Melbourne based studio that specializes in creative strategy, print packaging, and more. Their account showcases their unique ability to create minimalistic, beautiful designs that transcend a simple logo to truly encompass an entire brand identity. We love the simplicity of their feed; it’s the perfect place to look for clean, fresh design inspir