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Digital Marketing | The Importance of Links in Your SEO Strategy

link building strategy
19 Apr 2017

When considering your digital marketing plans, your SEO strategy will rank pretty high in the equation. With digital marketing, things change at a rapid pace but one thing remains the same – the importance of links. Ten years ago, external links were considered one of the best methods to raise your search engine ranking. They still are. Your reseller SEO company should be concerned with keywords and use but link building should still be an important part of your overall strategy.

A great SEO company can help you identify the best link building strategy for your brand, building natural SEO methods which will help your rankings increase in a more positive, permanent way. While link building strategies are anything but new, they are a lot more intricate today. You can’t follow outdated methods of just getting your pages linked in as many places as possible. Today, your external linking strategy needs to take a lot of care in where and how you’re linked.

Tips to Aid in Your Linking Strategy

  1. Verify the Site. The sites and platforms you want to be linked on are ones with good authority. Just having your site linked on blogs or websites that have nothing to do with your business or have no readership won’t help. The sites you’re aiming for are ones with good authority. They are viewed as credible and well known.
  2. Subject Matter Counts. Getting a link from a site that has nothing to do with your business isn’t going to help you a great deal. Getting inbound links for a leader in your own industry works well. Your link building strategy should target sites you’d like to be partnered with and those who discuss information that would also be of value to your own audience.
  3. SEO Terms. The anchor text for your links can add to your search engine ranking for those terms.

The algorithms change routinely. This fact can lead marketers and content creators down many winding roads, trying to keep up with the next greatest trend. The reality is that building your site with relevance and quality, and staying away from less ethical tricks, will help you maintain a high ranking over time. Growing your external links is important. Getting linked everywhere is not. Internal links will also aid in your SEO, and will create an atmosphere where your audience can easily find more information on topics of interest without leaving your site.

Link building has been an important part of the ranking of sites since ranking became important. That part of the seo strategy will not change but it’s more important than ever to place quality over quantity in your content marketing execution.

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