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Local Search Ranking Factors

local search ranking factors
20 Oct 2015

Storefronts: local search should a priority of your marketing strategy. Here are the most important local search ranking factors, thanks to a yearly survey conducted by Moz.

Quality Matters

Well-written content has been important to search engines for a long time, but thanks to more intelligent algorithms, the quality of citations, links, and reviews is now a huge local search-ranking factor. You should have respected sites link to you, and you should link to them in return. In addition, an abundance of real, quality reviews can help you gain more customers and search engine rank.

Location Keywords Are Crucial

Using the name of your city and state showed up several times in the top local search ranking factors. Search engines want to see location clues everywhere, from the title and H2 tags to the actual page titles to the body of content. If possible, having your location in your domain is shown to get you bonus points. If you service several different cities, make sure you mention them. But be careful, keyword stuffing is still a big no-no. You should be very strategic with the inclusion of these local keywords.

Searcher Behavior Carries More Clout

Click-through rates have always been considered an important local search-ranking factor, but now they are even more important, as are the other behaviors of your visitors. Google is looking at everything from how many people call you directly from the mobile link in your listing to how many people are checking in to your location via social media sites. It all matters. To boost your click-through rate, make sure you have a compelling title tag and Meta description—they do make a difference.


When most people want to visit a store, restaurant, or service business, they take out their smartphones and enter what they are looking for in the search bar. If you are not displayed in their search results, you may want to forget about gaining them as a customer.

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