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Organic Social & Paid Social: Better Together

29 Jun 2017

Most businesses understand that being honest and upfront about their marketing efforts is the best way to win customers. Businesses that practice deceptive advertising or shady tactics don’t make it very far with their efforts. While it’s perfectly ok to send out updates and advertisements about your products and services, there are different ways you can get those messages across and they typically involve paid advertising or using natural, organic content to get noticed.

The battle over which social media marketing tactic is best, either organic posts or promoted/paid posts, is a hot button issue. While one relies purely on word-of-mouth and people wanting to know you, the other usually employs professionals skilled in creating ads and running them in places that will get the best eyeballs.

Not everything has to be so clear cut. Some things work better together. So instead of putting the two tactics head-to-head, consider having organic social and paid social work together, strategically, to improve results.

Benefits of Paid Social

Paying for sponsored ads on social media is an inexpensive way to get the most reach for your content. Social media campaigns vary in cost and can be much smaller when compared to the cost for traditional advertising methods. Paid social can also be used as a test run to find out what is returning the best results before investing in a more involved social media marketing campaign. The data collected with paid social metrics is valuable because it can also help you to see which audiences you should be targeting and more, and further increase success rates.

Benefits of Organic Social

One of the key things that helped social to take off in the beginning was the fact that it was free. By simply creating a profile for the site, you could easily connect to friends and brands you were interested in. For businesses, social media also offer the ability to post and share with those followers, for free.

Having the right content to post is a great way to market organically on social. It’s true that people don’t want to feel like they are being sold to and that level of loyalty can go a long way in gaining new business.

Better Together

Both organic social and paid social have their benefits but the truth is, you can’t just do organic social and expect to see growth. Organic social needs paid social to get more reach, likes and followers. Together they create a powerhouse for your marketing efforts.

Imagine being able to reach more people and target those who are ready to buy at just the right time. Imagine that once you have their attention the content you’re presenting to them is something valuable and worth sharing?

Zero Gravity Marketing has all of the tools you’ll need to support your organic social and paid social needs. We’d love an opportunity to talk to you more about how working with us can take your advertising to the next level. Contact us today!