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5 Organic SEO Tips for Ranking in 2018

25 Apr 2018

Google’s algorithm is constantly updating, which means the organic SEO (also known as natural SEO) tips you learned five years ago are no longer relevant. It is important to stay up-to-date on which natural SEO rules still apply and which ones can get you in trouble. That’s where we come in. As your trusted digital marketing agency, we know exactly what Google is looking for today. Here are the top five natural SEO tips you should be implementing in 2018.

Organic SEO Tip #1: Use Your Keyword in Your URL and Keep It Short

When creating your unique URL for each page, always make sure your keyword is included. This ensures Google knows exactly what the page is about so they can show it on the correct queries. Additionally, you will want to make sure that your URL stays short. Google only pays attention to the first five words anyway, so try to keep it straight to the point.

Organic SEO Tip #2: Put Your Keyword at the Beginning of the Title Tag

Your title tag should always contain your keyword, but did you realize where you use the keyword also makes a difference? Try to begin your title tag with your main keyword to achieve higher natural SEO rankings.

Organic SEO Tip #3: Integrate Title Tag Modifiers

You have your long-tail and short-tail keywords that you discovered through keyword research. They will help you get ranked and they are effective. However, if you really want to get noticed for your long-tail keywords, make sure to add title tag modifiers. A modifier is an extra word or phrase that goes along with your keyword. These modifiers are commonly searched, but they won’t show up in any of your keyword research, so they are much easier to rank for. Here are some common modifiers, and an example on how to use them with the keyword “digital marketing agency.”

  • Best – How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency
  • Review – A Review of Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Guide – The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Digital Marketing Agency
  • Current Year – How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency in 2018
  • Checklist – Your Must-Follow Checklist when Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Organic SEO Tip #4: Add in Synonyms

While your keywords are a good starting point, the truth of the matter is that not everyone searching has the same brain. They are going to look up the same subject using a variety of different wordings, and you want to make sure you rank for them all. So pick your main keyword and use it a few times, but then incorporate similar ways to say the same thing. This helps to capture all of the queries on your subject while also making sure you don’t get dinged for keyword stuffing.

Organic SEO Tip #5: Use External Links and Internal Links to Your Advantage

Earning backlinks from other sites is an important aspect of natural SEO, but the links you use on your site are just as vital.

  • External Links – By linking out to trusted, authoritative websites, you are telling Google that you, yourself, are trustworthy and that you take the time to do proper research.
  • Internal Links – You can give yourself backlinks simply by linking to other pages on your site within each article. For even better results, use your keywords as anchor text.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to natural SEO tips for 2018. If you want to make sure your company stays ahead of the curve and is always using the most up-to-date organic SEO methods, contact our digital marketing agency today.