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Video SEO

videoseo-01-300x237_4547028ef67a49bf119604e37ed3aa82Zero Gravity Marketing optimizes videos to rank highly in the search engines on their own and to help your website to rank highly when they are embedded into the site.  Videos also make excellent link bait content helping to increase links to your website and in turn helping to increase natural search rankings.

Being the first to post a how to video on your subject or a video to introduce a new service may secure your company a top spot in search results for the keyword phrases that you were not able to rank highly for with text.

If your video is meant to be available to the general public, we recommend launching it on multiple video sites like YouTube.  One way to save time and give your video the maximum about of exposure is using  Once you upload a video to, you can copy and relaunch it to multiple profiles (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, etc.) without having to upload it again.  You can give your Video META tags which are sent to each of your video profiles to help your video to rank highly.  The OneLoad reporting dashboard allows you to view, compare and contrast viewership information on your videos across video-sharing sites. Analytics include views, comments and ratings trended over time.

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