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A Landing Page is Different from a Homepage

Your homepage is the mecca of your company. It contains links to everything your visitors could ever want, and the copywriting on it is usually targeted to a general audience. On the contrary, a landing page is very specific. The target audience is clearly defined and the copywriting is short and sweet. Most landing pages do not have links to any other parts of your site, and the only option for the visitor is to fill out a form with their contact information.

Compose targeted PPC campaigns

If you are just sending customers to your homepage, your conversions are not what they could be. You should have targeted ads that link to equally specific landing pages. That way, when someone clicks on your ad (costing you money), there is a much higher chance that you will intrigue them with your offerings.

Design several landing pages for each target market

Whether your customers include numerous demographics or multiple regions, we can create as many perfectly formatted landing pages as necessary. In fact, it’s proven that the more landing pages you have, the more qualified leads you will obtain.

Create intriguing offers

The main way to gain leads from your landing pages is with enticing, relevant offers—such as a free e-book or white paper with trade secrets. We know the best offers for every market out there, leaving your visitors no choice but to give you their contact information.

When you let the experts at Zero Gravity Marketing incorporate multiple landing pages into your digital marketing strategy, you will experience more qualified leads and a better return on your marketing investment. If that sounds like something you want, contact us today.

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