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Amy Chudy

Social Media Strategist
Amy Chudy

As a Social Media Strategist, Amy Chudy uses her sharp wit and keen sense of knowing the audience to make her clients’ social media presence come to life. Whether she is evaluating a current social media strategy and offering improvements or she is crafting a social media strategy from the ground up, Amy effortlessly weaves through the ins and outs of public profiles to keep the fans engaged and longing for more, boosting her clients’ online presence in the process.

Amy has been improving the social media presence of companies for over ten years, and she thrives on helping brands build lasting relationships with their customers through active communication and enticing entertainment. She is always seeking that viral post that will boost web traffic and search engine rankings in record time, but even in the everyday world of news and events, Amy excels at keeping the readers intrigued without being overbearing.

As the Social Media Strategist at Zero Gravity Marketing, Amy will bring new and existing social media accounts to life, reinforcing one of the most important aspects in digital marketing today: building trust. From Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram to Google Plus and even Snapchat, Amy is well versed in all of the social media platforms. She knows which platforms are ideal for what industries, and which ones are better left alone. She understands the value of engaging, informative, inspirational content on social media, and she knows that although selling has its place on social media, that is not what it’s all about. With Amy on the scene, your social media accounts can attract a new audience, helping you build a fan base that will be loyal for life.

Amy’s experience has primed her to be a Social Media Strategist. She received a degree in communications at Western Connecticut State University, where she developed her passion for writing and marketing. She began her career at IMPACT Branding and Design, where she served as the Administrative Specialist, overseeing everything from daily operations to blog writing to social media management. Her efficient research methods and engaging writing style make her the perfect candidate for crafting compelling social media posts.

When she is not at work, Amy can usually be found playing with her three puppies. She also craves a good book and is constantly gathering inspiration from the world’s bestsellers. Amy can often be seen with a mason jar in her hand, crafting a Pinterest-worthy creation from the depths of her imagination.