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Tracy Standish

Director of Content Marketing
Tracy Standish

Director of Content Marketing, Tracy Standish, brings her extensive knowledge of the English language and vast experience in digital content marketing to effectively manage a team of talented writers. Whether she is search engine optimizing the latest blog post or proofreading a landing page to match brand tone for a killer PPC campaign, Tracy can meet our clients’ content needs with ease.

Tracy doesn’t approach content marketing with a one-size-fits-all strategy, but she does believe that every piece of content should work to fulfill specific and predetermined content marketing goals. Sometimes that means increased search engine rank, other times, a higher conversion rate, but no matter the ambition, Tracy will work with her team of writers to produce the perfect piece of content to accomplish the mission.

Tracy understands that not every client has the same marketing objectives, and not every client wants the same tone, and she plays the role of company-to-writer matchmaker flawlessly. Every piece of content that crosses her desk is proofed to perfection and always optimized with her proven SEO strategies. With all of this content to conquer, it’s no surprise that Tracy is impeccably organized. Combine that with her attention to detail and strong work ethic, and it’s easy to see why our clients love working with her.

Prior to joining the Zero Gravity Marketing team in 2012, Tracy received her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Connecticut, with minors in Sociology and Women’s Studies. As Director of Content Marketing, she adapts, constantly learning new software, techniques, and approaches to maximize results for our clients. She is proficient in the most advanced SEO tools including Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Moz, and Hubspot.

When Tracy leaves the office, you can often find her backpacking and hiking through the gorgeous landscapes of Connecticut with her dog, Hodor (yes, inspired by Game of Thrones, and no, he doesn’t ‘hold the door’). While embracing the fresh air, Tracy seeks inspiration for her newest masterpiece, for she is also a talented abstract painter whose stained-glass-like artwork has left many people in awe. One of Tracy’s favorite pastimes is flying dual line stunt kites, or, when the weather is not cooperating, curling up indoors with an intriguing novel.