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Paid Advertising Strategies for Ecommerce Websites

Paid Advertising Strategies for Ecommerce Websites
12 Nov 2018

Continually increasing revenue as an organization, whether you’re a large Fortune 1000 company or a small business, will always be one of the main goals. It is easier said than done, however, at its most basic level, gaining revenue is done through creating sources of differentiation between yourself and the competition. Ultimately, you need to offer a better service or product than your competition and you must help your target market not only understand this, but you need to make it easy for them to purchase from you vs. using the competition. 

One way to break away from the competition is by creating and maintaining an online presence. Even further, if your business model can be translated into ecommerce, you should have a website that provides online shopping capabilities for users. 

In effect, let’s dive into some ways to separate yourself from the competition when it comes to creating an ecommerce platform and some digital advertising strategies to promote and sell your offerings, so you can reach your target market and build revenue.    

Ecommerce Sales Statistics 

According to a report from Statista, more than $2 trillion in sales were done through ecommerce and online shopping in 2017 and it is thought that by 2021, ecommerce sales will be nearly $5 trillion! It is no surprise that studies have found that Millennial and Generation Z’s make the majority of their purchases online vs. in-store. With info like this in mind, it should be a major priority for businesses to consider building websites that offer online purchasing while also using other digital platforms to sell their products. 

Ecommerce Website Platforms 

Here at ZGM, we have had extensive experience working with clients looking to build ecommerce websites from scratch, improve their existing platform, or even looking for some consulting about some of the best ecommerce platforms. Now, when considering different types, you want to take into account factors such as overall functionality, marketing capabilities, SEO integrations, mobile compatibility, security, and of course inventory and order management. From our experience, these are some of the best ecommerce CMS platforms to use: 

  1. Magento 
  2. Shopify 
  3. WooCommerce 
  4. BigCommerce 

Ecommerce Advertising Strategies & Tactics 

If you’re looking to boost your sales and break away from the competition even more so, unleashing the power of your ecommerce capabilities is the final piece to the puzzle. In addition to building and managing ecommerce websites, ZGM has experience marketing the products our clients are selling through paid digital advertising. With the holidays are right around the corner, it would be wise to make your presence known across several different channels right in time for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the gift-giving season! Here are just a few of our favorite ways to get your products seen by your target market to help boost revenue: 

  1. Google Shopping Ads 
  2. Google Remarketing 
  3. Amazing Shopping 
  4. Facebook Dynamic Products Ads 

Zero Gravity Marketing: Paid Advertising for Your Products 

Before diving into any paid campaigns or building your ecommerce site, we’ll do our due diligence to understand your goals, especially regarding sales. We’ll help provide best practices and recommendations, so we can create budgets and get your company noticed through holistic sales funnel campaigns and utilizing your modern ecommerce website. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing today to boost your revenue!