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Podcast Marketing

21 Jul 2016

Read “Influencer Marketing Through Podcasts

Why Podcasts Are the Next Big Thing

Okay, podcasts have been around for a while. That’s true. After all, they were named after the iPod, which were all the rage in 2004. But whether or not you listen to podcasts yourself, there are plenty of people who do. Last year, in 2015, there were 46 million people in the U.S. who were listening to podcasts regularly. This year, that figure is nearing 60 million people. In fact, the amount of people who listen to podcasts at least once per month has increased by 75% since the year 2013. So yeah, podcasting is continuing to gain momentum, and we think it’s only going to grow even more in the next few years. Here’s why:

Podcasts Are Extremely Influential

Since podcasts are being listened to, they can be tremendously engaging. Instead of a one-dimensional read on a blog, people can feel like they are a part of the conversation. They get to hear your voice, hear your tone, and immerse themselves in what you have to say. However, in order to remain influential, you need to release podcasts regularly so your audience can stay engaged. If you don’t have new content when they want it, they will go searching for something else to listen to.

Mobility Makes Podcasts More Accessible

Even just two years ago, podcasts were primarily being listened to on desktops. So if someone was away from their desk, they probably were not listening to a podcast. Now fast-forward two years and more than half (64%) of podcasts are being listened to on the go via a smartphone or tablet. This means they can be enjoyed while on a road trip, at the gym, or even while going on a walk. And mobile devices aren’t the only technology opening up the world of podcasts to a new audience. With Amazon Echo and other home-automation technology, it has never been easier to pull up a podcast while going about your daily tasks.

The Technology in Cars is Ideal for Podcasting

Most podcasts do require an Internet connection, which can make listening to them in the car challenging—unless you downloaded one in advance. However, that is all about to change. Forbes reports that by next year, half of all new cars sold will have WiFi capabilities, and by 2025, all of them will. At that point, it will be no big deal to switch between all of your favorite podcast apps while driving to work. There will be no need to pre-plan the podcast download or take up storage space on your device.

There Is Still Time to Get in the Podcasting Game

As you can see, podcasting has not yet hit its prime, but before long, everyone will catch on to the effectiveness of podcasts and the amount of offerings will be overwhelming. The time to start your podcast is now. If you can build up your connections and listener base now, then you stand a chance of remaining relevant once everyone and their mother starts podcasting.

Or better yet, try influencer marketing through podcasts to reach your target audience, advertise and create brand awareness.

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we strive to stay ahead of the curve, and we believe that podcasting is the next big marketing move to make. To get started with yours, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.