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Podcast SEO Tips

30 Jun 2015

How To Get Your Podcast Heard

Podcasts are growing in popularity. They can be effortlessly listened to on the go, and with the help of Apple’s podcast app, they have never been easier to access. In fact, HubSpot reports that 46 million Americans now listen to podcasts on a regular basis, which makes them a great way to promote your brand and get your voice heard—as long as people can actually find your podcast. Here are the best podcast SEO tips you can follow to ensure that your podcast production efforts aren’t wasted:

Use Keywords

Just because the podcast is in audio format, that doesn’t mean you can forget all about keywords. When you go to upload your podcast to the directories, like iTunes, Libsyn, or Blubrry, the Search Engine Journal believes that your keywords are crucial in getting your podcast noticed. Think long and hard about your target audience and then craft a title that will jump out at their buyer persona, while still using your keywords. To capitalize on your podcast SEO, you will also want to include the keywords in the description.

Write a Blog

The next vital element of podcast SEO is to write a coordinating blog to go along with each podcast you produce. This gives you another opportunity to utilize your keywords and it alerts your already loyal audience that you have something new for them to listen to. Ideally, each podcast blog would have the complete text of your podcast, but if that’s not possible, a short description, quotes, and highlights are a must.

Promote Everywhere

The final must-follow step for podcast SEO is to spread the word about your podcast everywhere you interact with people. Share the links to your podcast blog (which will then have links to your podcast) on all of your social media accounts. You might even want to consider starting designated pages or groups for fans of your podcasts so that they can talk about them, give feedback, and interact directly with you.

While the power of your website and blog is never going to dissipate, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve in order to keep your business relevant. If you can get into the podcast scene, and then use these podcast SEO tips to get your voice heard, your audience will only continue to grow.

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