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Make the Most of Your PPC Budget with a Smart Strategy

ppc budget and ppc strategy
08 Mar 2018

To target a very specific audience and garner immediate website traffic, PPC ads are your golden ticket. But before you go spending your PPC budget haphazardly, it is important to take the time to outline a comprehensive PPC strategy.

5 Facets of a Successful PPC Strategy

If you start a PPC campaign without a strategy in place, you are bound to spend money that doesn’t provide a beneficial ROI. Go over these five steps to help allocate your PPC budget in the most effective way.

  • Set a Goal – Why are you creating PPC ads in the first place? Are you hoping to increase website traffic? Do you want to collect contact information? Are you aiming for brand awareness? Increase Amazon sales?
  • Determine Priorities – Once you have a goal established, move on to setting priorities. For example, if your goal is sales growth, then your priority should be targeting keywords that result in a high conversion rate.
  • Gain Perspective – Take a step back and assess the entire situation. Look at the impact your competitors might have on your strategy, consider the most urgent needs of your business, and analyze what the current market trends are.
  • Create a Plan – Now it is time to determine the details of your PPC strategy. How will you provide high quality PPC ads? Are you going to do remarketing? How much are you willing to bid? Do you have effective ad copy written? What steps are you going to take to reach your immediate goals?
  • Get Specific with Funding – With a clear picture of your priorities, it is time to allocate your PPC budget funds. How much are you going to put on each type of PPC ad? What is your max amount spent per day? Stay focused and make sure the most money is going towards your highest priorities.

Consider These Important Factors

As your PPC ads run, you will see data showing you which ads are more effective than others. This information helps you alter your budget, target, and ads accordingly. However, you should make some decisions ahead of time about how you are going to handle specific situations. For example, it would make sense to keep your PPC budget focused on the ads that are performing the best, but if a low-performer is helping you reach your goals, it might be worth it to keep it running. Pay attention to how your ads are performing directly, but also notice how they are performing indirectly (i.e. how they are affecting other aspects of your digital marketing strategy). Sometimes, it’s worth keeping a conversion path open even if it is not a top performer.

In Summary

Your PPC budget should reflect your overall PPC strategy as well as your immediate goals. While it is tempting to just jump right in and test the waters, the smart choice is to get specific about your company’s overall vision for PPC ads. That is the only way to make sure you are spending your PPC budget on the keywords and marketing types that will help you reach your overall goal the quickest.

If you are ready to start a PPC campaign but aren’t sure how, contact Zero Gravity Marketing now. Our team can help you create a comprehensive PPC strategy that pays attention to everything listed above, and so much more. We are true PPC experts and we will help you capitalize on your PPC budget.