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PPC for Ecommerce Sites

ppc for commerce sites
12 Jun 2015

Understanding Ecommerce PPC Channels

Get the most out of PPC campaigns. Investing too heavily in experimental channels can leave you vulnerable to trends. Rethink your approach to PPC for ecommerce sites with these top channels.

PPC for Ecommerce Sites: Channels You Need to Know

There are so many PPC channels that it can seem intimidating to figure out which ones are worth the effort and which are not. We recommend these channels for ecommerce store owners who want to grow their business through PPC and are ready to adopt new channels.

AdWords – A definite “tried and true” channel, AdWords is a must when it comes to PPC for ecommerce sites. AdWords is always adding new options that make it easy to grow your audience. Features like Google Shopping, dynamic search ads, keyword expansion, and more make AdWords a flexible and powerful ecommerce tool.

Bing Ads – It can be easy to overlook Bing Ads as a place to generate profitable PPC, but Bing Ads can deliver conversions. Less competition on Bing means CPCs lower than on AdWords by as much as 15 percent. The ability to transfer top-performing AdWords campaigns makes it simple to get started with this PPC channel.

Yahoo Gemini – Recent positive changes make Yahoo Gemini a great option for PPC for ecommerce stores. Yahoo Gemini now includes native ads and mobile search ads. Yahoo recently adopted persona targeting, which can help you target particular consumers via mobile advertising.

Facebook Ads – Facebook ads can be a profitable way for new and veteran ecommerce stores to grow their reach. Tons of data plus spot-on targeting algorithms mean that Facebook can really target the type of consumer who is more likely to convert, increasing your ROI. Facebook’s ad guide lets you choose from 9 types of business goals and develop targeted PPC advertising that helps you achieve those goals, making it a must-try channel for beginners and a quality spend for PPC veterans.

Retargeter – Third-party retargeting platforms can increase your ROI by helping consumers maintain top-of-mind awareness around your store or products. Investing in Retargeter, or other third-party retargeting platforms, can increase your ROI for less effort, and less money, than investing money in attracting new consumers via PPC spend.

Amazon Product Ads – This new, semi-secret channel offers you the ability to release product ads. Instead of competing with Amazon to sell products, now you can leverage the power of the Amazon network to drive traffic to your products.

Integrate some of these new channels into your PPC for ecommerce sites by leveraging 30 percent of your budget on new channels and maintaining 70 percent of your investment in those “tried and true” channels that already deliver. If you have are looking for advanced PPC management, contact us!