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6 Tips for Optimizing Your Quality Score in PPC Advertising

improve ppc quality score
01 Dec 2016

When AdWords is evaluating ads to determine which ones to show with each query, they turn to the quality score. Your quality score is determined by Google’s formula of:

Click-through Rate + Ad Relevance + Landing Page Experience

Not only will a high quality score get your ad shown more often, it can affect how much you have to pay. You should do everything you can to improve your quality score. Here’s how:

Use Multiple Ad Groups

If you want to improve your ad relevance, one of the simplest ways is to break up your PPC advertising into multiple ad groups. That way, you can focus each one on specific keywords that will be most relevant to those searches.

Implement Keywords in Your Ad Copy

You would be surprised how many people don’t put their main keywords into their ad copy. Again, relevance is vital. And now that there are extended text ads available, you really have no excuse not to include them.

Choose Related Keywords

While your goal is to get clicks, you need to keep in mind that those clicks need to convert or your quality score may suffer. Choose target keywords that correlate with your landing page and the theme of your PPC advertising.

Test Multiple Ads

There is no way for you to know in advance just how effective an ad will be, so your best bet is to run three or four different options per ad group. Play around with different wording and alternative keywords to see which ones get you the best quality score.

Spend Time on Your Landing Page

Don’t forget that a third of your quality score is dependent on the landing page experience. Make sure you have a distinct landing page for each ad group to provide users with a completely cohesive experience.

Make Your Descriptions Alluring

To boost your click-through rate (the first part of the quality score formula), take the time to compose appealing descriptions that users can’t resist. You can do this by promoting special offers, incorporating a call to action, or calling out your target audience specifically (e.g. ideal for small business owners).


If you are embarking on PPC advertising, your quality score is the secret to your success. By implementing these tips, you can improve your click-through rate, ad relevancy, and landing page experience to get a quality score that gets you optimal pricing and performance. For help improving your quality score, or to start an AdWords campaign from scratch, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.