• Why Refreshing Your Content is Vital for Search Engine Optimization

    Why Refreshing Your Content is Vital for Search Engine Optimization

    The only thing consistent about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is that the parameters are always changing. When you want a dynamic, interesting website that Google continues to favor in search results, it’s time to pay careful attention to the content you have and the content you add to your website. When you refresh your…

  • Google Analytic Site Search Benefits

    How to Set Up Site Search

    To market products or services, a marketing team must understand what makes customers tick. Google Analytics Site Search can help teams better understand users, user behavior, seasonality, and traffic, and adjust strategies to fit. Setting up Google Analytics Site Search properly can be a serious business boom. User task accomplishment is also a great tool…

  • Reputation Management SEO

    Reputation Management SEO: Improving Your Company’s Search Engine Optics

    First impressions have the greatest impact, and nowadays, those impressions come overwhelmingly from search engines. The first thing most customers see about your company is not your web page, your blog posts, or pictures of your product, but the results that come up on Google and Bing. This means that if negative reviews or bad press…

  • Tapping into Local SEO with Voice Search

    Organic Voice Search Tips for Local Business

    Modern technology is constantly being reinvented, and no industry is affected by this continuous revolution more than digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about attracting customers with modern communication methods, so whenever a new method is developed or an existing one is updated, the most effective marketing methods change. Few such developments have more potential…

  • Amazon SEO

    Amazon SEO and Alexa Voice Search

    Many agencies today understand the importance of SEO for business but what is often overlooked is Amazon SEO. Does your company sell a product? If so, here’s a fun fact for you, “almost a third of shoppers started on Amazon and just 13% on a search engine.” This came from an article on Amazon SEO…

  • how to comete for search rankings against amazon wikipedia

    How to Compete For Search Rankings Against Amazon and Wikipedia

    Let’s talk about a real David and Goliath story: you versus Amazon (if you’re in the e-commerce biz) or you versus Wikipedia (if you’re in the knowledge biz). It’s not impossible to outrank these monster websites, but it will take a top notch SEO strategy. Let’s talk about why you should feel encouraged to compete…

  • Is Google Search Going Away for Good?

    Is Google Search Going Away for Good?

    In July, Google launched a personalized news feed on its app. Instead of sticking to its trademark lone search bar, the app now gathers information about you throughout all of Google’s properties and puts together recommended stories or tasks based on what it thinks you will want. For example, if you have watched a lot…

  • How a Blog Can Effectively Boost your Search Engine Ranking

    How a Blog Can Effectively Boost Your Search Engine Ranking

    Achieving the best search engine optimization (SEO) results is a complex and difficult to accomplish process, and many business owners aren’t certain what the best strategies are to help their company reach the top. One thing is clear for almost any business, however: maintaining a blog on your company’s website is one of the most effective ways…

  • How to Maintain Rank in the Search Results

    Search Algorithms Change Constantly; Our Tips Help you Stay on Top

    Search engine optimization pros saw a big disturbance recently. All of the algorithm tracking tools, including MozCast, were off the charts. Had Google made a major change that penalized sites for low quality backlinks? Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller did not directly answer the question. Instead, he reminded the community: Google makes changes almost…

  • Why Mobile Paid Search is on the Rise?

    Why Mobile Paid Search is on the Rise

    Mobile Paid Search: Up 134% from Last Year While Google Search’s ad spending 20% increase of year over year growth is admirable, paid mobile search leads the pack. Paid mobile search has increased 134% since last year. More and more, business owners are becoming interested in why and how paid mobile search can work for them….

  • content keywords in search console

    Content Keywords Have Left the Search Console: Should You Be Worried?

    It is official: Google has bid farewell to the content keywords feature in the Search Console. Let us explain. Content Keywords Used to Matter Back in the day, when the Search Console went by the name of Webmaster Tools, content keywords were all the rage. It was actually the only data you could review that…

  • mobile search index

    Google’s New Mobile Search Index

    New Mobile Index Coming Soon to Google Search Smartphones and tablets have taken the world by storm, and as a result, almost 60% of all searches now begin on mobile devices. But Google is still operating with one search index. Sure, there was Mobilegeddon in 2015 and AMP indexing earlier this year that put more…

  • google possum update

    Google Possum: The Local Search Algorithm

    The local search algorithm has always existed, but until September 1, 2016, it didn’t really have a name. Introducing Google Possum: the unofficial name of the local search algorithm that may very well change the way you approach local SEO. Here is a brief overview of how this updated local search algorithm impacts local SEO:…

  • Google Search Update – Restaurants Take Note!

    Google Search Update – Restaurants Take Note!

    Whether you’re in a new city or you just want to find someplace to eat in your own town, there’s a good chance you turned to the Google search app to see your options. It’s become a habit to quickly type in “Italian Restaurants in Branford CT” and search through results until you find the…

  • Local Search for apple watch seo

    Local Search & Apple Watch

    Using Local Search Techniques to Lure Apple Watch Users Capitalizing on local search for the Apple Watch has the potential to increase your foot traffic. Local Search Matters 4 out of every 5 people start with a search engine when looking for a local establishment. More importantly, fifty percent of those people who conducted the…

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