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SEO for Banks

seo for banks
14 Sep 2017

There is no shortage of banking options for your clients and potential clients, which is why having a strong SEO strategy is more important than ever. Even though banking is primarily a brick-and-mortar business, people are still looking for you online. With SEO for banks, you can ensure your company will be seen in a good light and attract the new business you desire.

Create a Website that Works on All Devices

Whether you offer online banking or not, a mobile-friendly website is a non-negotiable when it comes to SEO for bankers. People use their phones and tablets more than they use a desktop, and if they get frustrated with a poor design, slow-loading webpages, or un-clickable links, you will surely lose a potential customer.

Publish Regular Content Using Specialized Keywords

While posting engaging content regularly is important, you also want to make sure to incorporate strategic keywords. In SEO for banking, that means using long-tail keywords targeting both the types of banking products you offer (e.g. car loans, mortgages, checking accounts, etc.) and the location you service. By using these terms in your SEO strategy, you will greatly reduce the amount of competition you have while also honing in on your exact audience. It is also a good idea to target some industry words as well, because while some of the searchers may be laymen, others may be industry pros.

Earn Positive Reviews

It’s no secret that the banking industry is about trust, which is why your online reputation is critical to your success with SEO for bankers. Google gives clout to search results with high reviews, so always provide stellar customer service and encourage your customers to let others know how their experience was.

Confirm Listings for All Branches

Setting up a page through Google My Business is crucial for any local business; however, when it comes to SEO for banking, you will want to make sure you have a separate listing for each of your locations. You want every bank to show up on Google Maps and Google Search, not just one location.

Remember Social Media

Because you are dealing with people’s hard-earned money, trust is of the utmost importance. By showing your true self on social media, and not being afraid to get personal while always remaining professional, you can earn the coveted trust you need for people to hand over their earnings.

Integrate with PPC

SEO for banks does pay off in a huge way, but it also takes time. By integrating a PPC campaign into your SEO strategy, you can get immediate results. PPC is also a great way to test out those long-tail keywords to see which ones are worth your SEO efforts.


If you are ready to catapult your bank’s online presence and earn trust faster than ever before, then now is the time to start SEO for banks. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing today to get started.