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SEO for Doctors

SEO for Doctors
19 Sep 2016

When someone is in need of a doctor, they turn to the World Wide Web. Sure, they might get a referral or hear about you from a friend, but usually, they pull out their phone and head to Google. That’s where SEO for doctors comes in. By using strategic SEO techniques, you can ensure that you are the name that shows up when people in your area are on the hunt for a new physician. Here’s how:

Set Up a Mobile-friendly Website

Websites are no longer optional. If you want to use SEO for doctors to your advantage, a responsive, mobile-friendly website is the first step. You want to make a professional first impression when people Google your name, and you want it to function well on a mobile device. Not only will this make your patients happy, Google will give you more clout in the SERPs.

Publish Engaging Content Frequently

In order to keep your website relevant in the eyes of Google, posting new content on a regular basis is non-negotiable. By offering educational, yet engaging, information on your website, you can garner web traffic and increase your views. When it comes to SEO for doctors, it’s also important to include local search keywords (ex: doctor in Connecticut, New Haven physician) in your content so that Google knows exactly who to show your website to.

Get a Google Business Page

If you have ever searched for anything local on your phone, you have likely noticed that a large map with featured locations is always at the top. If you want your practice to show up on this map, you have to create a Google My Business page. This is the most valuable real estate for local search and you don’t want to miss out.

Earn Positive Reviews

Yes, the majority of people these days are going to look for you online to check out your reputation. That is one very important reason to encourage your patients to leave reviews online on sites like Healthgrades, Google Plus, and Angie’s List. But online reviews also play a big role in SEO for doctors. As you can imagine, they will give precedence to doctors with stellar reviews.

Interact on Social Media

You know that trust is paramount in your success as a doctor, and interacting with current and potential patients on social media is a great way to earn this trust. Additionally, social media activity plays a role in SEO for doctors. When you post links to your social media sites, you will earn more website traffic, which may up your authority in the eyes of Google.

Integrate a PPC Campaign

Even with all of the above SEO tips for doctors, you will still want to integrate a PPC campaign into your efforts. Organic SEO strategies are extremely effective, but they are not instant. With a PPC campaign, you can earn some immediate traffic, which will positively impact your organic SEO for doctors while expanding your patient base.


As you can see, SEO for doctors is a multi-step process that requires time, strategy, and commitment. If you are too busy to deal with it yourself, that doesn’t mean it should be skipped. By investing in a company that is experienced in SEO for doctors, you can reap the enormous rewards of a strong online presence while still having plenty of time for your patients. Contact Zero Gravity Marketing today to get started with your personalized SEO campaign.