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SEO for Large Websites: What You Need to Know

seo huge websites
07 Sep 2017

Digital marketing for large companies is a different ballgame than it is for small, local businesses. With a wide audience and a vast offering, well-known, nationwide brands usually have over 500 pages to optimize, so it’s no wonder that SEO for huge websites can be daunting. However, where there is a will, there is a way, and we happen to be the experts. Here is a look at our top tips to SEO huge websites:

Create a Clear Long-Term Strategy

Before any SEO work should be attempted, creating a comprehensive long-term strategy is a must. By mapping out every aspect of your marketing plan, you can clearly see what you need to accomplish. Then, you can prioritize the list to make sure the most important SEO elements are completed first.

Complete One Section at a Time

Once you have a clear map to SEO large companies, break it down into sections. Look at how your website is naturally broken down, whether it is by services or product categories, and choose one area to begin with. Start with the one that makes the most ROI depending on what season it is and when that section gets the most attention.

Attack Title Tags Strategically

SEO tags should be the first item on your agenda. They tell the Google bots what each individual page is about and they are necessary if you want to rank. Start with the title tags, working your way through the most popular pages first and then tackling the less visited ones. Hint: Google Analytics is a great tool to determine where to start.

Focus on the Sales Funnel

Another vital tip to SEO large websites is to ensure that each page, and its keywords, coincides with the process of the sales funnel the visitor is at. Is the page’s purpose to provide information? Then use keywords that they might search to find that material. Is the page’s intention to convert them into a paying customer? Then choose keywords with buying words, such as “best price” and “where to buy”.


As long as you are methodical in your approach, your SEO efforts will pay off big time. At Zero Gravity Marketing, we are experts at SEO for large websites, and we would love to tackle yours.