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SEO for Law Firms

seo for law firms
14 Apr 2016

You simply cannot succeed if clients aren’t aware of your law firm! By employing good SEO tactics specific to law firms, you can open up endless business opportunities. If you would like your law firm to get noticed by new clients (or maintain the clients you have already) put your firm in a position that will allow it to connect with people who are searching for lawyers. Here are our top SEO for law firm tips to best use SEO to your advantage.

Become Mobile-Friendly

We live in a world where the technology we need is held in the palm of our hands. If your law firm’s website isn’t mobile-friendly, you may quickly get bypassed for one that is. It doesn’t matter if your law firm is better than another, if potential clients do not have access to your firms services and information from their mobile device, chances are they will not become your client. Make sure your site converts to all smartphone sizes, because even though it may look great on your laptop, it doesn’t mean it will show up that way on your phone. Test it out and make sure everything, especially your contact information, is accessible.

Be Visible On Local Maps

Not only is it important to show up on local maps so that current clients can navigate to your office, but even more so for potential new business! The easiest way to find a law firm is to plug in the phrase, “Law Firms near New Haven, Connecticut” and then have Google maps take users directly to the closest one. Make sure your firm shows up in online citations, otherwise you’ll be overlooked by those who are basing their search on distance or accessibility.

Optimize Your Website

SEO comes down to getting people onto your website and having them convert into paying customers. In order to do this first step, your law firm will need an easy-to-navigate and aesthetically pleasing website. Make sure your phone number and email address are always visible, because it’s essential to make it as easy as possible for users to convert browsing the web into calling in and spending money on your services. Additionally, make sure to split up your services onto different pages. For example, if your law firm handles different kinds of cases, such as divorce settlement, car accidents, work injuries, etc. put those each into their own individual pages. This will help them rank higher in SEO and also makes your website easier to navigate. It’s important to have at least 300 words about the service per page. If writing isn’t exactly your forte, ZGM is here to help with that. Contact us and we’ll put together all the content writing you need.

Employ Local SEO

Make it as obvious as possible where your law firm is located. Add your location to your title tags, meta descriptions, and IMG ALTs as well as the copy throughout your site and blog posts. By using phrases such as, “Lawyers in Connecticut,” and, “Connecticut Law Firms,” you’ll rank higher in search results and be more likely to show up in front of clients who are actually in the area and likely to use your services. While all online exposure is still exposure, the kind you’re really looking for is people in close proximity.

Get Great Reviews

Having reviews on Yelp or Google is important so that potential clients can see what others have had to say about the services they’ve received at your firm. Sites and apps like these not only where you can interact with your customers, but allow other customers can leave reviews, which can make or break your business. Nowadays, most people rely on online reviews when making decisions about what services to use and what products to buy in order to get an honest opinion. To best utilize reviews, you should reply promptly to any negative feedback and showcase an attempt to resolve the issue, as well as offer incentive or reminders to happy clients to post about their experiences.

Law Firms Active on Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram allow users to ask questions, make requests, comment on your services, and also allow you to post and garner extra attention. A simple way to gain followers and interact with them is by posting Law-related articles that may be of interest. By having clients follow your social media, you constantly stay on their radar and aren’t quickly forgotten in the way you might be otherwise. ZGM is always here to help if you need expert advice on how to take advantage of social media.

Join Law Related Directories

By not being a part of directories, you’re allowing other firms to take business away from yours. Your law firm should display on any directory that provides listings of lawyers. Examples of directories to join are,, and

Start Using PPC

Pay-per-click advertising drives results in quickly. Rather than relying on natural SEO, PPC allows you to be in control of whom you are marketing to and the searches you are guaranteed to show up in. You can use analytics to see what kind of keywords and phrases are bringing in traffic to your site, and use that to your advantage. When choosing whether you should focus on SEO or PPC, the answer is to use both in order to maximize your online impact. If you’re still wondering what the differences between the two are, here is a blog post explaining it more in depth, and here is another blog post on how to best utilize PPC without overspending.

Contact ZGM

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we realize how much time and energy goes into generating SEO for your law firm, but that happens to be our specialty. Located in Connecticut, we’re a results-driven agency that specializes in SEO, PPC, and online marketing. While you’re winning cases, we’ll take care of your presence online. That way we can both succeed at what we’re best at. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to put your law firm at the front and center of your new clients’ attention and get the results you need.