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A Beginner’s Guide to Page Authority and SEO

seo and page authority
21 Feb 2017

Page Authority Explained

In short, page authority is an SEO term that tells you how likely a webpage is to rank on the SERPs. An algorithm is used to assign each individual page on your site a number from zero to 100. The higher your page authority, the higher your chances will be of showing up toward the top of the SERPs. To find out your site’s page authority try using Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool.

How to Improve Page Authority

Since page authority is an indication of how your webpages will rank, you should want to improve yours. While Google’s specific algorithms are top secret, we have been able to determine some main requirements to improve page authority:

Unique, Relevant Content

Page authority helps prove to Google that you deserve to be shown to its users. Obviously, if your latest content was posted several years ago, you are probably not the most authoritative author on the subject. So post regularly, and choose topics that are relevant to your business and your audience. And don’t forget to use proper grammar and spelling, because a page that is barely readable is certainly not worthy of any authority.

Inbound Links

The more people that link to your site from theirs, the more Google will trust that you know what you are talking about. While there are some illegitimate ways to garner inbound links, avoid them at all costs: They will only end up costing you in the long run. Instead, earn inbound links by posting sharable content, guest blogging, listing your company in online directories, and being active on social media.

High-Quality Images

One of the most overlooked factors when it comes to page authority is the use of images. More and more users perform image searches over text searches, and you want to make sure your webpages show up. Not only will high-quality images make your site more intriguing to visitors, you can also take advantage of ALT tags to tell Google exactly what you are about.


When it comes to SEO, page authority is a quick way to gauge your progress. If you want to improve your page authority but you aren’t sure how to proceed, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today.