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SEO Without Blogging

seo without blogging
10 Oct 2017

5 Ways to Stand Out Without Content Marketing

Whatever your reason for not getting into the blogging game, don’t fret—there are still a few things you can do improve your site SEO without a blog. Let’s talk about 5 simple things you can do to climb a bit higher in SERPs, and all without publishing a single blog post.

Leverage reviews and testimonials.

You should be collecting customer feedback about your services anyway, so why not use that as marketing copy on your site?

Collect reviews and testimonials and display the best of them, whether they’re on a single page designated for testimonials or sprinkled throughout the main pages of your site. Ideally, you could do both. As long as you’re formatting them in an optimized way, it’ll help your rankings, because Google’s algorithms read the presence of testimonials as credibility.

Optimize SEO on every page with keywords, meta tags, and alt text.

Another way to improve SEO without blogging? Get back to the SEO basics. Even if you’re not creating new content for your site on a regular basis, what you can do is make sure the stuff that’s already there is beefed up with the best SEO practices.

Know your hot keywords and fit them into your site copy organically wherever you can. Use meta tags so search engines and searchers will know what your page is all about. And don’t forget about alt text (text descriptions of images on your site), another basic but powerful SEO tactic.

Get your NAP info straight.

You know—name, address, phone number? It’s the stuff that shows up all legit-like on the SERP when you search up a biz with a brick-and-mortar location. Not just anyone can have official-looking NAP info on their search result, so you’ll look slick as heck if you have it. NAP listings enhance SEO, so get that NAP info up and make sure it’s consistent and crawl-able.

Build the right backlinks.

Backlinks—or inbound links to your site that come from someone else’s site—are SEO gold. You’ll miss a few opportunities to use them if you’re not blog posting or guest posting, so be sure to maximize your backlink use in other ways.

How to get backlinks? Write testimonials for companies you’ve worked with, join industry associations, or sponsor local events.

Prioritize responsive web design.

This is probably the most crucial SEO without blogging tip on this list: your website needs to be responsive. Meaning, your site should look as good on tablets and phones as it does on desktops—or maybe even better, because Google’s constantly making updates to their algorithms that favor the mobile-savvy, most recently of which was mobile-first indexing.

Mobile’s the future, and if you’re not making responsive design the focus of your web strategy, you’re missing out on some serious SEO leverage.

It’s Difficult, But Doable

We can’t ignore the fact that blogging is a revolution for web and content marketing and is a wildly effective way to connect with target markets. Whatever it is that’s preventing you from using content marketing, I urge you to rethink it.

Can’t see yourself or anyone on your team writing thoughtful and effective blog posts? Don’t let that stop you—blog post writing is just one of our specialties at Zero Gravity Marketing. Ask us about starting a blog (or about better SEO without blogging!) and we’ll be able to help.