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Let’s Get Social: Trends You Need to Know for September 2018

Let's Get Social: Trends You Need to Know for September 2018
04 Oct 2018

In the world of social media, trends are ever changing! Just when you learn a new feature, another one pops up. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of it all. To separate the important from the not so, we have studied last month’s trends to give you an update on the best and most helpful.

Let’s start with Facebook:

Oh, Facebook. Anyone who knows anything about social media, knows Facebook is constantly updating! A few noteworthy changes are:

  • Pages are now allowed to join Facebook groups (insert overly excited person emoji). This is huge for social media marketers. When Facebook’s algorithm changed yet again, it made Groups the number one source of exposure. Businesses were encouraged to make a Group for their fans. However, for those of us marketing on behalf of various pages) as an individual with no connection to the page) it is not easy to participate in groups. But now, engaging on behalf of said client is possible!

While it won’t bring back all the referral traffic you’ve likely lost due to another change to the algorithm, it certainly will help generate more attention for your business.

  • Ads Targeting – Facebook is updating (and limiting) targeting options, yet again. The goal is aimed at “protecting people from discriminatory advertising on our platforms.”


Anyone who handles ecommerce will be excited about this one! Instagram Stories are no longer just for influencers. Businesses are finding that stories are leading to more purchases, direct messages, and website traffic when used correctly. Some gamechangers are:

  • Business profiles with product tagging can now tag products in their Stories.
  • Although this is still in the testing phase,the Shopping Channel will be tailored to each individual user, featuring both brands that the user already follows and brands that Instagram’s algorithm thinks they might like.

So basically, what we can learn from this is that it’s a great time to be a shop on Instagram!


Despite many misconceptions, Snapchat is not just for millennials! When utilized appropriately, it can benefit your business and increase sales. With this most recent update Snapchat is now becoming more beneficial for ecommerce businesses.

  • They just announced that they are partnering with Amazon which will enable users to shop at any time via the Snapchat camera. So basically, like Pinterest shop tool, while you are in Snapchat you hold your camera to a specific item or barcode to get started.

All in all, September was a great month in social media land. What will October bring? Leave us your projections in the comments. Stay tuned for October 2018 trends and updates!