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Your Social Media Best Practices Cheat Sheet

Your Social Media Best Practices Cheat Sheet
06 Mar 2019

Knowing you need to embrace social media is one thing; however, knowing how to embrace social media is a completely different animal. These days, it seems like there are a million different social media channels, and if you don’t know which ones are best for your business, the mere idea of embarking on any of them can be completely overwhelming. That’s why it’s best to know about social media best practices before you begin your journey.

Simple Best Practices of the Core Social Media Platforms

Although every social media platform ultimately has the same goal — social outreach — each one operates a bit differently. Knowing which channels optimize your brand’s unique goals will minimize your work on the backend while ensuring the best ROI on the other side of the screen. Most companies don’t need to tend to every single social media platform; usually, one or two platforms will put you in front of the eyes that are likely to pay attention to what your business has to say. Typically, the hard part is figuring out which platforms speak to the people you’re trying to interact with.

With this in mind, here are a few simple best practices when it comes to the core social media platforms:

  • Instagram  Encourage user-generated content by way of hashtags that are specifically built for your brand. Instagram is a place where people view photos of businesses so they can get to know the personality behind the brand.
  • Twitter – Retweet phrases from people who impart a bit of humor into your own industry, and make sure you interact with audience members who engage with your tweets. This is a platform where conversations are supposed to happen.
  • Facebook – Empower all of the video elements you have in your toolbox. Facebook is the place where videos have the biggest impact.
  • LinkedIn – If you’re posting to LinkedIn, stats matter. People want to see data-driven information that matters to their lives when they’re reading posts on this social media site.

Knowing which platforms are worth the time and effort for your brand will save you a lot of legwork in the long run.

Social Media Updates to Watch for in 2019

Every year, social media platforms roll out their latest and greatest features. Here are a few of the most recent ones that you should take advantage of:

  1. Social Stories

Where posts were once the norm, social stories will now take the place of static images. Social stories have been appearing on platforms for some time now and have gained popularity due to the convenient way users can tap through them. Instagram, Snapchat, and even Facebook have all adopted story features – and we won’t be surprised if other platforms jump on board as well.

  1. Social Messaging

Though social interaction is becoming increasingly digital – and thus moving away from traditional face-to-face communication – that doesn’t mean that people are no longer social. Private messaging is making a major statement in the world of one-on-one interplay.

  1. Micro-Influencers

Micro-moments started changing the interface of the internet a few years ago, but only in 2019 will we start to see how micro-influencers are impacting the world as we know it. Little things make a big difference when strategies are executed correctly. Look for people with only a few followers to hit the scene in a paramount way.

How to Stay Up-to-Date with New Features Across All Social Media Platforms

Now that you know what’s coming down the pipeline, let’s talk about how you can stay in-the-know about all of the new social media features and trends.

  1. Subscribe to Podcasts

This is kind of like playing while you work. You can absorb information from some of the most influential marketers around without missing a beat of your day-to-day tasks. Need suggestions? Try these:

  1. Get Socially Certified

Get up to speed and gain the know-how necessary to stay on top of changes by obtaining a social media certification.

  1. Work with a Team of Social Media Gurus

Outsourcing your social media needs to a team that’s specifically built to be social will alleviate many of your stresses and keep your brand right where it needs to be.

At Zero Gravity Marketing, we know how to work social media in the best ways possible for our clients. From infrequent posts that say just the right thing at just the right time to email blasts and engagement efforts that’ll get your audience’s attention, we’re here for you. Take a look at our social media marketing services!