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Successful PPC Landing Page

30 Jan 2015

You can have excellent SEO and spend a fortune on PPC campaigns, but if your PPC landing page doesn’t engage and convert your visitors, your efforts may be for nothing. Make sure your PPC landing page has what it takes to draw your visitors in and entice them with everything you have to offer. Here are the key elements every PPC landing page should contain.

Newsworthy Headline

Perhaps the most important part of a PPC landing page is the ad text that brings you to it. If it’s boring, chances are the reader won’t get much further, and if it’s too over the top, they will ignore it altogether. You need to compose a headline & description that will inspire visitors to click your ad over your competition.  It’s okay to test a few out to see which one gets the best response. Some audiences respond better to powerful statements, while others prefer a question or coupon.

Eye-catching Aesthetics

Once they click on your PPC ad, the landing page itself needs to be visually appealing. It shouldn’t have too much going on, it should look professional, and it should be easy to skim the page and get the necessary information. Also, please avoid the templates that everyone uses. They are so overused, which means people are used to seeing them and they will do nothing to help you stand out from your competition.

Clear Directions

A concise, persuasive call to action is a requirement for every PPC landing page. The bottom line is that people need to be told what to do. Even if your offerings are obvious, if you are not asking people to call you or place an order or fill out a form, they probably won’t. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale; you will be surprised how many people say yes.

Impressive Badges

You know all too well that you can’t trust everything you read online, so why should all of your visitors trust you? Scam artists can be found on every corner, and you need to make it clear that you are not one of them. Make sure you put your credentials on display in a prominent location. Are you a member of the BBB? Are you accredited in your industry? Have you been mentioned in any media outlets? Make it known.

Limited Freebies

It’s common practice to offer something to PPC landing page visitors to entice them to give contact information. This is an effective tactic, but only if you limit how many offers you have. If you offer more than one thing, you will confuse the visitor and they won’t be sure what they will get in exchange for their personal info—which means they probably just won’t fill out the form at all.

Specific Requests

Speaking of forms, what do you include in yours? Some experts believe that you should ask for as little information as possible because it increases the likelihood of someone filling out the form—just asking for a name and email address is a common occurrence. However, there’s just one problem with this: You don’t just want to build an email list, you want to turn these people into paying customers. Is an email address really enough to get the job done? Wouldn’t a phone number be better so you could call them? So while you should keep your form simple, make sure you are asking for all of the information you need to actually convert your customers.

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