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Top Social Media Mistakes

social media mistakes
16 Dec 2014

The Social Media Tactics You Need to Stop Doing Now

You already know about the big social media no-no’s, like posting too often or paying for likes, so you avoid them, which is great. But if you still aren’t getting the results from your social media accounts that you were hoping for, then there is a good chance you are committing one of these four social media sins—and you need to stop now.

Attacking All the Social Media Sites

How much time do you have to spend on social media? If you are like most businesses, it’s probably not very much, which means you have to make every minute count. If you try to stay active on every social media site out there, then you will not be able to really give any of them the time they need to make an impact. A wiser strategy is choosing two or three sites that get you the most interaction and focus your efforts on them. Of course, this will be different for every business depending on whom your audience is. If your target market is parents, Pinterest is worth your time, but if it’s business executives, then LinkedIn and Twitter are probably better bets.

Posting and Running

What do you do after you post an engaging article or funny photo? Do you stick around to see if you get any responses, or do you logout and not check-in until the next day? When people respond to your posts, they want an answer or a comment back. This lets them know that you are a real person and you really do take building relationships with them seriously. This doesn’t mean you have to stay glued to the screen waiting for a notification, but you should check-in periodically after you post something to see if there is anything that needs your follow-up.

Sharing Only Other People’s Content

You know you need interesting content, but it’s not enough to just share articles and infographics from other sites. Why? Because you should be establishing yourself as the authority in your industry, and how you are supposed to do that if you never share your knowledge? And if you really hit a home run, your followers will share your content with their friends, expanding your reach tenfold. Not only that, but posting links to your own blog is one of the best ways to increase your site’s traffic and boost your SEO efforts.

Forgetting About Analytics

One thing social media sites are improving on every day is allowing you to see how effective your posts are. You can see exactly how many views your posts had and how many clicks they received. If you take the time to evaluate this information, you will quickly be able to see which type of posts your followers react to, and you can post more of what they love.

Does this sound too complicated, or do you simply have better things to do with your time? At Zero Gravity Marketing, we are true social media experts, and we would love to handle your accounts for you. We stay on top of the trends and know how to get you results. Contact us today to find out more about our social media services.