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Incorporate Video Content!

video content in digital marketing
02 Jan 2018

It seems like video content is everywhere, and it’s for good reason: it works! Users are soaking up compelling video content on social media and landing pages, and if you aren’t producing video content, you should start!

Benefits of Video Content

Here’s why you should incorporate video content into your digital marketing campaign:

  • Increases Conversions – Videos put a tone behind your message, and they are a lot more convincing to viewers. Even something as simple as using explainer videos on a landing page can increase your conversions dramatically.
  • Helps Emails Stand Out – When you include the word “video” in your subject line, people are more likely to actually open it.
  • Can Boost Rankings – Google has always been after the most engaging content for their viewers, so it’s no surprise that they like ranking video content highly.
  • Your Audience Can Get to Know ‘You’ – People like to do business with the brands they trust, but it’s hard for them to get to know you through the written word. With video content, it is much easier to highlight your brand tone.
  • More Shares – When people see a funny or informative video, they feel the need to pass it on to their friends. If you can produce strong video content, you can grow your brand awareness dramatically.

Ways to Make Video Content Work for You

The options for incorporating video content into your digital marketing campaign are essentially limitless; however, we have a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Collect Email Addresses – Instead of offering your visitors a free PDF in exchange for their email address, you can provide engaging video content.
  • Offer Savings – If you have a WooCommerce site, then you can set up a point system where your customers can watch your video content in exchange for points, which they can then redeem towards their purchase.
  • Clear Analytics – When you offer your video as an incentive, or even on a landing page, you can easily track how many people click on it. This way, you can adjust the video accordingly to make your digital marketing campaign even more successful.

 Video content is quickly becoming a non-negotiable in digital marketing. If you want your company to be in the game, contact Zero Gravity Marketing today. Our team can help you produce professional videos that represent your brand while engaging your users.