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Video SEO 2014

video SEO 2014
21 Aug 2014

Become a 2014 Video SEO Expert!

Users will stay more engaged and spend longer on your site if you have an appealing video to watch, and that extra time they spend allows you the chance to win them over to your brand. Once you know what type of content you want to post however, the next step is figuring out the best approach to video SEO in 2014. Here is a handful of best practices to jumpstart your strategy for optimizing SEO on your video content:

Keywords matter

Remember that videos include meta-content as well as sound and moving images. YouTube videos have titles, and they also have descriptions, comments, and tags. Google’s searchbots take favorable note of certain keywords that are naturally likely to lead to video content: for example, visually descriptive words such as “cute.” One good way to check on the potential utility of the keywords you might want to use as meta-content is to check Google AdWords Keyword Planner. When you look up the keyword you’re thinking of using, see whether the Keyword Planner shows any videos for that word in their first page of results. If they do, you’re on the right track.

Post a transcript of your video

Whether you use YouTube or another platform to host your videos, you will be given the opportunity to include a description. This description can include an actual transcript of the video itself, enabling the search engines to come as close as possible to actually being able to watch the video themselves. Furthermore, your viewers will enjoy the opportunity to check back on something in the video that they want to see again, and transcripts provide that extra utility.

Social sharing as SEO fuel

The very best way to attract favorable search engine attention is to create content that your viewers feel inspired to share with their friends. Increasing numbers of inbound links (people clicking a link to your site from a post where another person shared your content) is what bumps your video up into that all-important first page of search results.

Play by the rules

When Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex all collaborate on something, it’s a good idea to pay attention! markup is an easily-added chunk of descriptive code that your webmaster uses to describe your video material in a language search-bots will understand.

Don’t forget a call to action

Before your video ends, urge viewers to “like” the video, comment on it, and subscribe to your channel. The social momentum will take a bit of time to get rolling, but a strong call to action will nudge a few more crucial early sharers into action and your website will see a rapid and stunning rise in popularity.

The art of video SEO in 2014 is still in early phases, and most merchants figure their job is done if they simply post video content on the site. You can bring your online presence out in front of the crowd by shaping the video you post according to these straightforward SEO practices. Having compelling content is only the beginning: high-level 2014 video SEO tools will make sure the effort you put into creating and posting your special content will translate readily into an increasing web of leads.